ASO provides Assemble-it-yourself edges along with finished edges made to our customer’s specifications. Safety mats are custom made to order as well. Their engineers design products to customer specifications and can fit them into any safety appiclation.

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ASO - Edges, Bumpers and Mats

ASO develops, produces and sells Safety contact edges, -mats and –bumpers as well as control- and sensor elements. ASO Safety can be found on automatic doors and gates, on machines and transport systems worldwide. In addition to standard applications the ASO R&D department develops customized special solutions following up the company slogan “Safety First”.

ASO Safety Edges


GE Series

  • easy, rapid self - assembly
  • flexible components
  • top safety level
  • world - wide patent

GE F Series

  • invisible mounting
  • flexible basis
  • extremely fast switch contact on the side
  • easy, rapid self - assembly

GP Series

  • resistant against different types of oil and other chemicals

SKL Series

  • featuring NBR quality
  • particlarly small profiles for special requirements
  • various possibilities for mounting, also without aluminium profile

ASO Bumpers

  • Safeguarding equipment to be used on
    • transport vehicles
    • AGV’s
    • other freely moving systems
  • Upon contact with an obstacle, the quick response time of the bumper initials an immediate stop signal while the soft foam core provides a long braking and over-travel path
  • ASN bumpers consist of a foam core attached to an aluminum profile and are covered in a durable NBR rubber or vulcanized polyurethane
  • Bumpers are available in
    • various lengths
    • widths
    • heights
    • colors
      • black
      • yellow
      • black-yellow stripe a
      • as well as custom colors

ASO Safety Mats

  • Designed for safeguarding sections of hazardous areas where working machinery may present a potential danger
  • Pressure on the mat triggers a control signal to immediately stop a device
  • Totally encased in polyurethane to insure impermeability to moisture
  • Optional surface materials are available
    • Aluminum
    • stainless steel
    • oil resistant coverings
  • Special cases these contact mats may be used as switch mats in applications
    • controlling on automatic door
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