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Universal Holding Fixture

Custom Machine for Reworking and Handling Composites

ONExia has specialized in precision positioning and customized automation for over 25 years. One of our more innovative solutions is the Unviversal Holding Fixture used in composites manufacturing.

This flexible tool approach adds to our customer’s bottome line through reduced tooling costs, reduced storage, quick changeover from part to part, higher throughput, and efficient space utilization.

Spec Sheet

UHF Features

  • Custom Table Sizes for Any Part Size
  • Single Table Versions for Small Parts Handling
  • Multi Table Versions for Large Skin Support
  • Any Rod Configuration - Only Critical Contact Points Require Rods
  • Rods Can be Added in the Future or Moved from Point to Point Depending on Your Needs
  • Can be Sealed for Water Jet Cutting
  • Various Rod Travel Lengths Available
  • Rigid Enough for Routing & Drilling

UHF Applications

The ONExia Universal Holding Fixture provides complete composite part support for:

  • Finishing Machining
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Routing

UHF Demo Video

Prior to shipment of one of our Universal Holding Fixtures our engineers set the UHF to run a demo loop patern.

In the video you can see the multi-table UHF running with extreme precision and synchronization along with some shots of the software programming running in real time.

Aero Overview

Universal Holding Fixture Software

UHF Software

Our Universal Holding Fixtures Provide Complete Composite Part Support for Finish Machining, Water Jet Cutting or Routing. Composite parts are held in the correct, precise shape required to perform Finishing Operations, without the use of dedicated tooling for each part. Changeover from part to part happens in seconds, rather than minutes. Our intuitive software allows parts to be taught easily. Our UHF Controller communicates with the Cell Controller to lower and raise Rods as the part is being machined.

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Universal Holding Fixture