The world-class engineers at ONExia have made breakthroughs in the aerospace industry. Our custom assemblies provide our clients with invaluable solutions to many industrial issues.

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Aerospace & Composites

Custom Machines for the Aerospace and Composites Industry

The world-class Engineers at ONExia have made breakthroughs in the world of Aerospace technologies. Our custom assemblies provide our clients with invaluable solutions to many industrial issues.

ONExia Rotor Blade Cart

Simplified Blade Management. No Tools, Air, or Power Required

Blade Cart

The ONExia Blade Cart is a docking system that makes rotation and transport of blades safe and easy. Common logistical issues and operator fatigue are simultaneously eliminated. By utilizing the blade’s center of gravity, the cart’s balanced, silicone-free design provides effortless rotation without the need for tools, air, or power.

Its removable top and bottom assembly makes loading by hand or overhead crane simple. Perfected over years of field testing, the ONExia Rotor Blade Cart is the next essential tool in Aerospace Manufacuturing.

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Universal Holding Fixture (UHF)

A customizable holding fixture for the composites industry.


ONExia has specialized in precision positioning and customized automation for over 25 years. One of our more innovative solutions is the Unviversal Holding Fixture used in composites manufacturing.

This flexible tool approach adds to our customer’s bottome line through reduced tooling costs, reduced storage, quick changeover from part to part, higher throughput, and efficient space utilization.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Tooling Costs
  • Reduced Tooling Storage
  • Quicker Changeover from Part to Part
  • Higher Throughput
  • Efficient Space Utilization
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Laser Light Tower

Laser Light Towers

Fast & Simple Laser Templating

ONExia's Laser Light Towers make projecting a laser template fast and simple. Built to various heights the moveable tower makes it easy to display the image through a Virtek Laser other style OLT unit.

Our custom towers give the user the ability to move the projection system in ways that standard tripod systems cannot accomplish.

Laser pictured on tower is provided by Vertek.

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Aerospace Overview

Aero Overview

An overview of our facilities in West Chester, PA as well as a look at our various custom machines for the areospace and composites industry.

Blade Cart Ease of Use

Aero Overview

A quick demonstration of how easy it is to move a rotor blade in our Blade Cart.

UHF at Work

Aero Overview

A look at our Universal Holding Fixture running a demonstration pattern.

Machines and Tooling for Composites Industry

Using our expertise as a systems integrator and custom machine builder ONExia has become a leader in the aerospace and composites industries.

Heat Tables / Mold Flipping

Flip - Flops


Handle Male & Female Mold Halves

Assemble Molds without cranes at a push of a button

Heated Vacuum Tables


Layup on table surface

Lid lowers at push of a button

Heat applied from top or top & bottom

Composite Die Forming

composite die forming

Unlimited lengths available

Multiple die capability with automatic activation

Backing tape wound during forming

Custom Tooling Carts

tooling carts

Adjustble height for ergonomic handling

Large casters for ease of mobility

Fully customizable to your specifications

Various contact materials available

Custom Machine Systems

custom machine

Customized to your specifications

Machine in various parts

Custom weldment

Custom CNC Software

Automated Composite Tape Layup

composite tape

Lay up of epoxy impregnated carbon fiber tape

Lay up around mandrel and slit cuto for final use

Programmable layers and slit positions

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Literature downloads for ONExia Aerospace products.

Aerospace Overview

Blade Carts

Laser Light Towers

Universal Holding Fixture