Animatics is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control. The SmartMotor™ is an integrated motor by Animatics. Designed by the industry leader, the SmartMotor is highly integrated control and is just one of their many innovative motion control products.

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Animatics HLD Actuators

The Harmonic Linear Drive (HLD) is an innovative linear belt drive solution providing high accuracy and low cost without the need for a gearhead or brake! Instead of using a fixed belt to move the load, the HLD uses a recirculating belt, folded back upon itself and routed over subtly different diameter pulleys yielding gear reduction by way of the Harmonic Drive Principle, without the cost or backlash of a separate gearhead. This technique is so revolutionary, it has patents applied for in more than 30 countries.

Product Features

  • No Gear Box
  • No Motor Adapter
  • Nearly Zero Backlash (30µm Bi-directional Repeatability)
  • No brake required. Perfect for vertical gravity load or constant load applications
  • Built-in Fully Programmable Motion Controller and Amplifier
  • No Control Cabinet Required

The system has a low price to performance ratio. It is priced to attract large quantity OEM buyers as well as the smaller cost conscious System Integrators and stands to be the most cost effective alternative to mid to long stroke ball screw actuators available.

Feature Overview Video

IP-65 Demo

Taking an innovative design approach to the traditionally lare, heavy and expensive surfobard shaping machines previously available. By utilizing the HLD60-H3 linear actuator, the unique harmonic principle and internal gear reduction of this linear motion system eliminated the need for a gearhead, making the conept of a compact shaping machine design a reality.

  • Eliminate changeovers by using a single gripper for all your parts.
  • Reduce fixture costs and complex tooling.
  • Shorten pick-up time through partial opening/closing of the electric gripper.
  • Reduce operational costs and reaction time.
  • Solve operator ergonomics and access problems.
  • And it makes you ready for mixed-model production.
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HLD Actuator Applications

  • Long-stroke Medium to High Speed applications
  • Medium to High Thrust applications
  • Wherever High Stiffness (in direction of travel) is needed
  • Where ball-screws cost too much
  • In vertical loads where back-drive is a problem
  • In tight holding applications such as: Back-stop gauges, Material saw stop jigs, Long-stroke high thrust gantries
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