Animatics is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control. The SmartMotor™ is an integrated motor by Animatics. Designed by the industry leader, the SmartMotor is highly integrated control and is just one of their many innovative motion control products.

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Animatics SmartMotor

SmartMotor is a Highly Programmable, Integrated Servo Motor System.


The SmartMotor suite of products offers the power and flexibility of our fully-integrated, closed loop servo technology with no limitations on customized solutions. The SmartMotor is the forefront of Moog Animatics’ innovative technology and offers endless ways to sophisticate and streamline your operations or machine design.


  • 5x faster processing speed
  • Expanded math function capability
  • Multi-port simultaneous communication
  • Stand-alone Linear Interpolation
  • Modulo encoder count capabilities
  • Dual trajectory path
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IP Rated Animatics SmartMotors

New Smaller SmartMotor™ Servos Bring Integrated Benefits to Wet Environments

IP65 SmartMotor

The IP65 rated SmartMotors™ is protected jets of water and dust or dirt particles that may damage other servos. It can withstand splashing water, oil or food debris as well as rainy conditions.

High levels of humidity and condensation are no longer a problem. Also available as IP67.

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Animatics Actuators

HLD Actuator

Moog Animatics provides belt (harmonic) actuators, rodless (ball-screw) actuators, and rod type (ball-screw) actuators. All actuators are sold as a complete linear motions system with the SM23165DT SmartMotor as standard.

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Animatics Software

Moog Animatics provides a myriad of free software solutions to interface with the SmartMotor. The SMI (SmartMotor Interface) software package also includes the SmartSize and SMI Engine. We also offer for purchase the most competitive multi-axis coordinated motion control systems on the market: SMNC.

Animatics SMIEngine


Moog Animatics’ SMIEngine™ is a source code module library created as a software tool for the Windows Operating System environment. It comes free with the installation of the SMI software.

SMI - SmartMotor Interface

SMI is used for communicating with SmartMotor servos and developing downloadable code and SMI includes many tools for diagnostics.

Animatics Accessories and Components



Moog Animatics offers a variety of power and communication cables and communication adapters for all of the SmartMotor servos. The right cables ensure ease of connection to and from one or multiple motors, in parallel or serial daisy chain networks, and the flexibility of custom build-to-order options. We also offer CAN bus communication cables and connectors as well as I/O cables.

Power Supplies & Shunts

Supply Shunts

Servo motors run highly dynamic motion profiles and Moog Animatics offers both linear and switcher supplies to satisfy all your power needs. Several shunt options, both open frame and enclosed, are also available for use with our DC input servo motors to protect the servo controller and drive stages from voltage overloads.



I/O adapters and expanded I/O adapters, breakout boards, and serial fan-out boards are all available through Moog Animatics to work with our SmartMotor™ products and complete your system solutions.

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Animatics Applications

Animatics SmartMotors can be used in an almost endless amount of applications. Below are a list of a few examples. Think a SmartMotor could be a fit for your application? Contact our Application Engineers today!

  • Anode wire welding
  • Automatic Web tensioning/alignment
  • Auto-progression adjusting parts indexers
  • A/V Mobility
  • Bearing inserters/presses
  • Capacitor manufacturing
  • Cappers
  • Centrifuges
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Training
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Cut-to-length gage stops
  • Dashboard controls button/switch testers
  • Destructive testing
  • Dicers
  • Fillers
  • Flexible Tooling Machine
  • Glass tube cutting
  • Glue dispensers
  • High Accuracy 3-Axis Positioning
  • High axis count coordinated motion
  • High speed indexing labelers
  • Infeed/outfeed stackers
  • Linear and Rotary Motion
  • Nut/bolt/screw drivers
  • Paper feeders/folders
  • Parts Inspection and Repositioning
  • Pick & place palletizers
  • Plasma cutting
  • Step/tapered spool winders
  • Tactile switch testing
  • Transformer coil winders
  • Turbine blade grinding
  • Ultrasound Testing
  • Vertical load control
  • Vision Guided Laser Marking
  • Vision inspection
  • Wire bonding
  • Woodworking
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Catalogs & Videos

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