The Bishop Wisecarver product line includes quality components and accessories, manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems and rotary guides and systems. Stainless steel, high temperature, washdown and clean room-compatible products.

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Bishop Wisecarver Actuators

PDU2's patented wheel technology gives this small belt driven system considerable load capacity for its size.


The modular design of the PDU2 allows for quick and easy gantry configuration. Adapter plates can be ordered for connecting PDU2's together, or MCS aluminum framing brackets and extrusion may be ordered to create a machine structure. PDU2 features an aluminum beam up to 6 meters in length with T-slots, if desired. Aluminum beams without T-slots are ideal for wash down applications, and they will not trap dirt. Additional options for the PDU2 include motor/gearbox mounts, limit and proximity switches, T-nuts, T-slot covers, gearboxes, motors, and electric brakes.

  • Speeds up to 6m/s
  • High load capacity to 750N and 15Nm
  • Driving forces to 280N
  • Ultra-high performance wheels mounted on adjustable eccentric studs
  • Left, right, or double drive shafts available
  • Multiple carriages possible on a single unit
  • Range of options include brakes, positioning encoders and mechanical or inductive limit switches
  • Ideal for demanding single axis systems and multi axis applications

Suitable for demanding single-axis systems and multi-axis applications, the PDU2M delivers a 50% higher load capacity, a 200% increase in moment load capacity and a 1,000% improvement in moment load stiffness compared to the standard PDU2. It provides a cost competitive, high performance and low maintenance linear solution for an even wider range of applications.

Essentially a modified PDU2, the PDU2M comprises a rigid but lightweight aluminium slotted profile into which fits the toothed belt drive and carriage, an arrangement that effectively encloses the unit. It is rated for operating speeds of up to 6m/s and available with a choice of motors providing driving forces up to 280N. Ultra high performance Herculane wheels, mounted on adjustable eccentric studs, run virtually friction-free on the inside of the profile and provide stable support for the carriage plate. Several carriage styles make quick and easy construction of multi axis sytems attainable.

PDU2M is fully compatible with the MCS aluminium machine construction system and is ideal as a replacement for failing ball-based systems that are unable to match its speed and reliability.

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