The Bishop Wisecarver product line includes quality components and accessories, manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems and rotary guides and systems. Stainless steel, high temperature, washdown and clean room-compatible products.

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Bishop Wisecarver DualVee

Dual Vee

Bishop Wisecarver offers customers easy to use, easy to install vee guide wheel components and assemblies through our DualVee product line. DualVee components are ideal for a wide array of applications.

These rugged yet economical vee bearing components are quiet and ideal in long length applications while being tolerant of harsh environments.

DualVee provides users with many vee guide wheel options:

  • Original vee bearing guide wheels
  • (High temp and low temperature versions)
  • Swaged vee bearing guide wheels
  • Patented washdown wheels
  • Polymer overmolded bearing guide wheels
  • Linear guide wheels run on either single-edge track or double-edge track. Wheels are mounted using journals or bushings.

Functionality and life of your DualVee system can be increased by incorporating wheel covers, lubricators, track plate assemblies, and wheel plate assemblies.

Bishop Wisecarver MiniVee

BWC Mini Vee

MinVee linear slides systems are composed of a compact carriage assembly and a double edged track. Non-actuated MinVee linear slides in size 0 are available with your choice of carriage assemblies with steel or polymer DualVee wheels. Stainless steel lubricator housings and felt lubrication pads are included in MinVee linear slides are to provide lubricant between the track and wheel interface. Low profile MinVee linear slides are ideal for semiconductor, laboratory, medical and packaging application.

MinVee tracks feature a self-aligning mounting shoulder, reducing installation time and cost. Stainless steel stand-offs and an aluminum spacer for mounting track are also available.

Miniature Linear Slides with New Track Support

For easier application integration, a new track support is now available for MinVee Miniature Linear Slides. This aluminum beam that securely joins steel track to mounting substrates, and is a cost-effective mounting alternative that provides faster installation and inherently parallel mounting surfaces.

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