The Bishop Wisecarver product line includes quality components and accessories, manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems and rotary guides and systems. Stainless steel, high temperature, washdown and clean room-compatible products.

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Bishop Wisecarver LoPro Linear Actuators


LoPro linear actuators are a actuated linear motion system based upon proven DualVee guide wheel technology for smooth and quiet motion over long lengths. Actuation options include AT series belt, ANSI roller chain, lead screw, and ball screw. LoPro linear actuators are also available in a non-actuated version. LoPro linear actuators provide a tough, cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to withstand a wide range of operating environments. Complete systems include your preference of wiper or basic wheel plates, and may be mounted or un-mounted. Support beams are available in aluminum or steel to meet application demands and to provide ease of installation. A wide variety of gantry brackets are available to form complete LoPro gantry systems.

Belt Driven Actuator Options

LoPro belt drives are ideal for long lengths and high speeds. Belt drives feature AT style reinforced polyurethane belting. Belt drive systems may be mounted to either steel or aluminum support beams, and come with your choice of wiper wheel plate or basic wheel plate. Corrosion resistant versions are available, as are multiple wheel plates.

Chain Driven Actuator Options

Chain drives are available with standard and corrosion resistant ANSI roller chain. The chain driven LoPro is ideal for vertical hoisting and large load actuation over long lengths. Aluminum and steel support beams may be used to mount the chain drive. Other options include basic and wiper wheel plates, with or without multiple wheel plates.

Lead Screw Actuator Options

LoPro lead screws feature either BY or NTBY nut types to meet your backlash needs. Metric and inch leads are also available in lead accuracies to 0.0006 in/in (mm/mm). Lead screw systems may be selected with steel or aluminum support beams and with preference of basic or wiper wheel plates.

Ball Screw Actuator Options

Metric ball screw driven LoPro ball screw actuator systems are accurate to 0.004 in/ft (0.1 mm /300mm). Ball screws are available in standard and corrosion resistant forms to meet environmental constraints. Basic or wiper wheel plates may be selected, as well as steel or aluminum support beams.

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