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Datalogic AREX Fiber Laser


The AREX Series is a multi-functional and all inclusive line of fiber laser markers dedicated to direct part marking in the Automotive, Electronics, and precision mechanics industry.

Thanks to its ultra-compact scanhead, flexible marking platform and advanced software features, AREX laser marker provides a flexible, reliable, cost effective solution for permanent and indelible high quality marking directly on your production line. AREX laser markers are equipped with high performance pulsed fiber laser sources with power levels from 10W to 50W and with the new 20W MOPA fiber source based on the proprietary MULTIWAVE fiber laser technology for maximum control of laser emission.

The AREX series offers more than just a laser marker. AREX’s Embedded Marking Controller simplifies setup , configuration and management of single or multiple laser markers, both in standalone or in master –slave configuration. The AREX Series is a simple and complete solution for any laser marking application.


Metal Marking

  • Arex fiber laser marker series provides unmatched performance and functionality on metal
  • High resolution, excellent contrast with low thermal impact
  • Quick and clear black laser annealing, without cracks
  • High quality deep engraving
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High Contrast Applications

  • High contrast marking on color enhanced plastics
  • High speed on PCB and electronic devices

*Mainly in Automotive and Electronics Industries

Quick Installation and Setup

AREX design and configuration dramatically simplifies and speeds up machine design and system integration.

  • Embedded Marking Controller (EMC) with LIGHTER Suite ensures quick and easy installation, setup, control and system diagnostics, even remotely via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Ultra compact scan head (112x298x90mm) saves space and reduced costs during installation and setup
  • Built-in step motor controller, completely integrated in software editor, dramatically simplifies integration of rotary indexers, x-y tables and z axis
  • Front panel USB for quick and easy system update and layout transfer

Datalogic AREX 20 MW Laser Marker

Datalogic is pleased to announce a new laser marker model in the successful AREX family. Based on the ultimate MOPA fiber technology, the AREX 20 MW laser marker is designed for high-grade laser marking applications and for flexible performance over a vast class of materials.

AREX series is a complete family of compact Fiber Laser Markers addressed to Automotive and Electronics industry for Direct Part Marking and engraving on metal parts and components.

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Main Features

  • High Repetition Rate: higher dot densities for the highest resolution even at high speeds
  • Adjustable Pulsewidth: short pulses down to 4 ns for best contrast on plastic; up to 250 ns for solid black annealing on metals
  • High Precision Power Control: maximum marking repeatability, even on sensitive materials
  • 3 Meter Fiber Cable: fits any existing AREX installation
  • Peak Power up to 12 kW: best quality with reduced thermal damage
  • New Lens Configurations: 7 standard lens configurations from 60 x 60 to 280 x 280 marking area
  • Lighter Software Suite: full control of layouts and laser parameters
Spec Sheet

Typical Applications

  • Mobile Electronics: high resolution, high quality appearance for branding applications
  • Automotive Electronics: reliable contrast marking on thermoplastic materials for traceability applications
  • Precision Mechanics and Medical Devices: solid black annealing and color marking
  • General Manufacturing: superior black marking on anodized aluminum
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Laser Technologies


The long history of market leading DPSSL technologies has enabled Datalogic to create the most comprehensive product portfolio in the marketplace by offering solutions with a wide variety of applications in multiple wavelengths: Infrared, Green, UV.

With an innovative all-in-one concept Datalogic provides the most compact DPSS laser available on the market.

DPSSL key features

  • First in class laser peak power
  • Infrared, Green, UV wavelengths for optimum marking results on hard to mark materials
  • Excellent beam quality and marking accuracy

Fiber Laser

The most compact fiber marking laser, leveraging over 15 years of experience and state of the art technology which is easy to use, simple to install, high performance and reliable.

Fiber Laser key features

  • Up to 50°C (120°F) operating temperature
  • IP54 environmental rating
  • Compact marking head for simple installation
  • Zero bleed-through power
  • Excellent on metal and plastic surfaces

CO2 Laser

CO2 technology provides permanent laser marking for industrial traceability and coding applications offering superior marking quality, increased productivity in clean working environments.

CO2 Laser key features

  • Excellent on paper, cardboard, wood and plastics
  • Marking on the fly compatible with variable speed and start-stop systems
  • Suitable for coding from medium to high throughput production lines
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