Datalogic Automation is a key global player in the Industrial Automation market, developing superior Customer intimacy through products and solutions that ensure traceability, inspection and detection in manufacturing and logistic processes.

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Datalogic EOX Family Laser Markers

EOX Laser Marker

Extremely reliable, Datalogic EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on a widest range of material.

Its configuration offers extreme flexibility for the integration both in production line as well as in stand-alone systems.

EOX embedded controller and the advanced features of its marking platform, EOX offers permanent coding and marking opportunity in a variety of applications.

The EOX is available at 10 W and 30 W

EOX Featutres and Benefits

  • Flexible configuration and application
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Advance embedded controller
  • State of the art marking platform

EOX Applications

Datalogic EOX family marks a wide range of objects and materials: paper, cardboard, textiles, other organic and painted/coated materials.

EOX laser sources allow Datalogic Automation to offer unmatched permanent clean marking in new market segments, where it can even compete with the traditional ink jet solution in terms of ROI and performance.

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Laser Technologies


The long history of market leading DPSSL technologies has enabled Datalogic to create the most comprehensive product portfolio in the marketplace by offering solutions with a wide variety of applications in multiple wavelengths: Infrared, Green, UV.

With an innovative all-in-one concept Datalogic provides the most compact DPSS laser available on the market.

DPSSL key features

  • First in class laser peak power
  • Infrared, Green, UV wavelengths for optimum marking results on hard to mark materials
  • Excellent beam quality and marking accuracy

Fiber Laser

The most compact fiber marking laser, leveraging over 15 years of experience and state of the art technology which is easy to use, simple to install, high performance and reliable.

Fiber Laser key features

  • Up to 50°C (120°F) operating temperature
  • IP54 environmental rating
  • Compact marking head for simple installation
  • Zero bleed-through power
  • Excellent on metal and plastic surfaces

CO2 Laser

CO2 technology provides permanent laser marking for industrial traceability and coding applications offering superior marking quality, increased productivity in clean working environments.

CO2 Laser key features

  • Excellent on paper, cardboard, wood and plastics
  • Marking on the fly compatible with variable speed and start-stop systems
  • Suitable for coding from medium to high throughput production lines
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