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Datalogic S70 Fiber Optic Sensor

High Performance Sensor


The S70 is a high performance fiber optic amplifier with advanced design and features. The S70 is a compact, DIN rail mountable fiber optic amplifier with best-in-class response time and repeatability. Two models with different response times are available: S70-E1 and S70-E2.

The S70 has dual digital displays, showing both signal level and threshold simultaneously, and a bright output LED for easy programming and operational status monitoring. All S70 amplifiers work with any Datalogic 2.2 mm fiber optic cable, which allows for several operating distances according to their design and application. The S70 features a single discrete output, either NPN or PNP, as well as a model with IO-Link interface.

Features & Benefits

  • High Speed models: 200 μs (High Speed), 500 μs (Standard), 2 ms (Long Range) and 5 ms (Extra Long Range)
  • Super High Speed models: 10 μs (Super High Speed), 15 μs (High Speed), 50 μs (Fast), 250 μs (Standard), 500 μs (Medium Range) and 1 ms (Long Range)
  • Dual digital displays (red/green), switches, push-button & remote input: quick and easy setting
  • DIN rain mount format: detection in reduced spaces
  • 2 m cable or M8 4-pole: standard and flexible connection system
  • PNP or NPN outputs
  • IO-Link interface: easy and standardized communication with your industrial network


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following applications:

  • Processing and Packaging machinery
  • Electronics assembling
  • Pharmaceutical industry
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