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Datalogic DataVS2 Vision Sensor

VS Sensor Combo

The DATAVS2 series is the easiest solution for machine vision applications. The setup is very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC unit, the external configurator with 3.5" colour display. The sensor setting is carried-out through three simple steps: region of interest definition, control type selection, parameter adjusting. DATAVS2 is a fully embedded vision sensor able to aquire images, control them and activate digital outputs according to the result.

The VSC unit can provide a real time monitoring of the images, but it is not required during the functioning of the sensor and so it can be disconnected and used to setup multiple sensors. DATAVS2 is able to carry-out 8 different controls: Brightness, Contrast, Position, Width, Edge counting, Pattern match, Pattern match counting, OCV. Its flexibility together with the VSC configurator make the sensor ideal for plants with frequent format changes (packaging, food, cosmetic, bottling, labelling).

  • Quick setup without PC
  • Fully embedded vision sensor
  • 3.5" colour display, 8 push-buttons, 9 LEDs
  • 8 different controls
  • Memorization of 20 different inspections
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Datalogic DataVS2 Vision Sensor

Vision Sensor

The DataVS2 vision sensor series presents all the characteristics to solve artificial machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way. DataVS2 is a completely embedded device: the optic, the red LED illuminator and the electronics are included in an extremely compact housing. The sensor is configured via PC through Ethernet communication. The configuration software is included in the product and it has been developed in order to lead the customer through the configuration process step by step.

DataVS2 is available in four different versions according to the installed control tools: Object Recognition (OBJ), Advanced Object Recognition (AOR), Identification (ID) and Professional(PRO). Many different control typologies are available: brightness, contrast, position, width, count, pattern match, countour match, 360° pattern match, barcode and datamatrix reader, OCV, 360° contour match & counter, 360° defect finder.

  • Flexible and intuitive setup via PC through Ethernet
  • Memorisation of 20 inspections
  • 14 different controls
  • 360° pattern match for Advanced models
  • Logical operators: AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, ecc.
  • TURBO mode to double elaboration speed
  • VSM compatibility
  • Inspection and Identification functionalities together available on Professional models

Datalogic DataVS2-VSM Monitor


VS M is a monitoring device compatible with all DataVS2 vision sensor models. The device integrates a 3.5’’ LCD color display and 8 push buttons. It also embeds a standard TCP/IP Ethernet interface thus it can be connected either directly to a specific vision sensor or to a LAN where more sensors have been previously installed.

VSM allows to display images and results as well as to change the running inspection or also to adjust the vision sensor functioning parameters. Thanks to this wide range of functionalities, the device represents an excellent and complete HMI interface ideal for automated production lines attended by operators.

  • 3.5’’ LCD color display and 8 push buttons
  • 20 additional memory slots
  • Images and results visualization
  • Parameter fine tuning
  • DIN rail or panel mounting
  • 2 industrial M12 connectors
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