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ESA Technology Operator Interfaces

Intelligent Operator Interfaces, Workstations, Motion Control

ESA Technology's programmable color touch screen operator interfaces and machine control workstations allow you to communicate to multiple devices simultaneously. These devices are easily configured with WinBuild 2000 - ESA’s easy-to-use configuration and control software tool. WinBuild 2000 allows a complete program to be generated graphically in a Windows point-and-click environment. The use of powerful pseudo codes (macros), and the ability to embed BASIC modules into the program give maximum flexibility.

ESA XS Series Interface

ESA elettronica S.p.A. pushes the power of your applications to the limit, thanks to the 2.2GHz Intel® Core 2 Duo processor: Intel®Core 2 Duo processors contain a combination of two extremely high performing processors and contemporarily permit optimal performance of two applications,as well as accelerating the execution of a single application as far as possible.

The design allows an increase of calculation power and application execution speed without increasing processor processing frequency, namely, drastically reducing dissipated heat and energy consumption.

XS series products have a modular design and can completely satisfy your needs and adapt to the most variable conditions of use. They can be used in environments with strong vibrations and mobile conditions thanks to the possibility of using a Compact Flash or solid hard disk for memorizing operative system and data. XS series products allow you to choose the operative system which adapts best to your specific needs.

ESA High Performance Touch Screen Terminals

ESA has long been known for its high performance touch screen terminals. ESA high performance touch screens are available in 20 models with varying sizes and capacities. Designed especially for industrial applications, these high resolution displays feature:

  • the ability to move data between two devices
  • integrated Profibus-DP and CAN
  • integrated Ethernet 10/100
  • alarm, password and recipe handling
  • available in black and white or full color
  • Flash memory backup modules optional

ESA Hand Held Touch Screen Terminals

ESA's hand held LCD touch screen terminals are not only compatible with all other types of terminals, they are compatible with PLCs and motion controllers from all major manufacturers. Featuring 10 customizable function keys that you can program quickly.

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