Euchner specializes in industrial safety engineering. Their safety switches and safety systems monitor safety doors and openings on machines and installations, help to minimize dangers and risks, and thereby reliably protect people and processes. Eucnher also offers a broad range of products for the man-machine interface and switchgear for automation.

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Euchner has been developing and producing high-quality products for mechanical engineering and systems engineering for more than 60 years. Safety for people, machines and products is one of their dominant themes during this process.

Electronic Key Systems


FSA (For Safety Applications) version the EKS is now suitable for machine safety applications. The EKS FSA has additional switched outputs that can be utilized to form a safe shut-down signal. With a personalized EKS Electronic-Key the machine operator can now be given authorization to also perform setup and maintenance work, or similar critical actions. The currently widespread problem of safety guard tampering is solved. The machine is reset to a safe operating mode by removing the Electronic-Key.

EKS System
  • Two component system
    • Read/write adapter
    • Key tags
  • Safe reset signal
  • Robust construction
  • Use wear-free key tags
    • Inductive
    • Uniquely coded
  • Operates with PC and PLC
  • No maintenance
    • Battery free
  • Selection of colors (red, blue, black, green and yellow)
  • Adapter for security applications
  • Adapter for safety applications

Multifunctional Gate Box


EUCHNER’s MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems. It is more than a safety switch, more than a bolt, and offers a lot more functionality. The basic system comprising of the handle module and interlocking/locking module includes numerous functions. Guard locking, escape release or other functions such as buttons for start/stop and Emergency stop are available. MGB is now even more versatile and flexible. The recently updated version is equipped with changeable color lenses for pushbuttons. The pushbuttons can easily be modified by customer for wanted colors. And if your needs grow, the MGB system grows with them. Due to its modular design, a control module can be added, quickly becoming a small operator panel.

Gate Box
  • RFID transponder technology
  • Integrated lockout mechanism
  • Optional escape release with door handle
  • Optional buttons and indicators can be integrated directly into the housing
  • Actuating direction is easily changed without disassembly
  • Non-locking, Mechanical locking and Electrical locking versions available
  • New changeable pushbutton color versions available

Enabling Switches

Enabling Switches

When depressed, enabling switches are designed to operate in only one position, causing a stop condition in any other position. In hazardous locations, the safety guarding may need be disabled. An enabling switch allows for the machine operation to occur under these conditions. Euchner offers two position (OFF-ON) (dead-man switch) and three position (OFF-ON-OFF) (live-man switch) versions. Handheld enabling units and individual switches for installation are available. The three position dual channel model conforms to 'ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 for Industrial Robots and Robot Systems'.


Emergency Stop Device


E-Stop Rope Pull

EUCHNER Emergency Stop Devices come with innovative technical features. The ES…-XW have contact block monitoring to check whether the switching elements fitted are actually all correctly seated in the switch. If the switching elements should come loose unintentionally, an e-stop command is triggered automatically by the detaching switching elements. The ES…-XN have a protective collar that makes it possible to fit a padlock when the mushroom-head button is pressed. As a result it is not possible to pull the control back out. E-stops are required to be a red mushroom-head button with a yellow background and are generally only allowed to provide safety in addition to the directly acting safety functions (i.e. safety switches on safety doors). Reset for these models can be done by either turning or pulling the mushroom-head.


Rope Pull Switches

RPS Switch

E-Stop Rope Pull

EUCHNER Rope Pull Switch (RPS switch) provide protection across large areas, compared to an Estop button. Operation is possible along the whole rope length, and not just a small area within reach of the switch. The RPS switch triggers with an increase (pulling) or decrease in tension (severing) of the safety cable or pushing of the E-stop with redundant safety and monitoring contacts. The RPS switch is Reset with a twist of the reset dial while proper rope tension is present. The RPS rope pull switch is then ready for operation. The RPS makes installation quick and easy with a built-in tension adjustment knob and rope tension indication window.

  • Slim line housing
  • Quick and easy rope installation
    • Built-in clamp
    • Tension adjustment knob
    • Rope tension window
  • 4 contacts (2 safety and 2 annunciation contacts)
  • Capable of cable lengths up to 246 feet
  • 3 cable entries
    • Eases wiring
  • Custom versions available
  • Versions with LED's

Safety Relays


EUCHNER ESM Safety Relays are designed to evaluate connected safety components and reliably turn off hazardous machine functions in the event of an unsafe condition. It will also ensure that the machine cannot be restarted until the unsafe condition is corrected and the module reset. This can be used to protect people, machinery and manufacturing processes. Up to safety category 4 (in accordance with EN954-1) and stop category 0 or 1 (in accordance with EN60204-1) can be achieved with the proper installation. Standard or time-delay expander modules as well as 2-hand control modules are available.

  • Variety of safety relay modules available
    • Single or dual channel inputs
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Expansion output module
  • Time delay module
    • 1 to 30 seconds delay
  • 2-hand control relay
    • For anti-tie down
  • CE
  • UL Listed

Safety Interlock Switches

In safety switches, positively driven contacts are used for the switching elements. These switching contacts are always reliably separated. The connection is opened by the actuating force even if contacts become welded together. It is a common feature of all switching elements that at least one switching element is designed as a positively driven contact. Often two positively driven contacts are employed to increase safety using the principle of duplicated design (redundancy). This dual-channel design ensures that the failure of one channel or a fault in the control circuit can be detected and the interlocking function can still be provided with the aid of the second channel.

Euchner Type 1 safety switches have an integrated actuator and safety contacts that are closed when the actuator is not activated. Type 2 safety switches use a separate actuator and have safety contacts that are closed when the actuator is inserted into the switch. Type 2 interlock safety switches are also available with solenoid locking/unlocking capability.

Type 1 switches with integrated actuator


Features an integrated actuator to protect personnel and equipment by monitoring the position of movable components. Actuator movement opens positively driven safety contacts.

Locking Type 2 switches with separate actuator

Features an actuator that separates from the interlock switch body. Inserting the actuator into the switch head closes the safety contacts. Note: Actuators sold separately. Solenoid can hold or release the actuator/guard until elimination of stored energy hazards has occurred.

Non-locking Type 2 switches with separate actuator

Features an actuator that separates from the interlock switch body. Inserting the actuator into the switch head closes the safety contacts. Note: Actuators sold separately.


Non-Contact Safety Switches

Non-contact safety switches are interlocking devices that are designed to protect people and machines. Compared with electromechanical safety switches, non-contact switches are used if a high level of protection against tampering much be achieved, extremely hygienic environmental conditions are required (e.g. in the food industry), a precise door guide is not possible, machine doors are subjected to heavy vibration, or if a high safety category is stipulated during the risk analysis.

Coded Electronic Safety System


According to EN 1088, interlocking devices are mechanical or electrical devices which are designed to prevent the operation of a machine element for as long as the movable safety guard is left open. Non-contact safety switches and safety systems CES are interlocking devices which are designed to protect people and machines. Compared with electromechanical safety switches, they are used if:

  • a high level of protection against tampering must be achieved,
  • extremely hygienic environmental conditions are required (e.g. in the food industry),
  • a precise door guide is not possible,
  • machine doors are subjected to strong vibrations,
  • a high category according to EN ISO 13849-1 is stipulated during the risk analysis

Coded Magnetic Safety Systems


The Coded Magnetic Safety systems CMS comprise three components:

  • Actuator
  • Read head
  • Evaluation unit

Several permanent magnets are accommodated in the actuator housing. The number of magnets, their position (polarization) in the housing and the magnetic field strength characterize the actuator type.

For this reason they are also called coded actuators. Within a series, the individual actuator coding is identical. Using one actuator type on a machine or complete system allows for quick and easy replacement.

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Euchner Applications

Electronic Key Systems

  • Machine controls
  • Tool rooms
  • Tool cribs
  • Buildings
  • Anywhere access monitoring is required

Enabling Switches

  • Machine tool
  • Robotics
  • Material handling
  • Plastic injection
  • Baling machines
  • Packaging

Emergency Stop Devices

  • People protection
  • Machine and production protection against: Inadvertent machine shutdown and Damaging machine and product
  • Machine tool
  • Presses
  • Grinders
  • Packaging
  • Material handling / storage retrieval systems
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Robotics
  • Woodworking

Multifunctional Gate Box

  • Robotic Cells
  • Machine Tools
  • Plastic
  • Grinders
  • Woodworking
  • Food Processing
  • Crushing
  • Baling

Rope Pull Switches

  • Assembly lines
  • Packaging, Printing
  • Material handling / storage retrieval systems
  • Printing
  • Textile
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

Safety Relays

  • E-stop circuit
  • 2-hand Operation / anti tie-down
  • Time delay module (Stored energy hazard, stop coasting or rotating machinery) used with safety interlocks and non-contact safety switches
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Electronic Key Systems

Multifunctional Gate Box

Enabling Switches

Emergency Stop Device

Rope Pull

Safety Relays

Safety Interlock Switches

Non-Contact Safety Switches CES

Non-Contact Safety Switches CMS