The primary uses for identification systems are automatic inspection and robot guidance. Common vision applications include quality assurance, sorting, robot guidance, laser marking, and optical gauging.

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Identification & Inspection Systems

The primary uses for identification systems are automatic inspection and robot guidance. Common vision applications include quality assurance, sorting, robot guidance, and optical gauging.

Laser Marking Systems at a Competitive Price to Performance Ratio

Datalogic Laser Marking

Datalogic Laser Marking Systems can be run off of a simple HMI or an embedded digital platform with advanced functions.

Laser Markers

With four independent axis control and dedicated I/O signals, Datalogic Laser Markers can be applied to a variety of stand-alone and integrated installations.

Offered in 4 Laser Technologies

  • DPSSL - V-Lase Family, ULYXE Family, Green Family
  • Fiber - AREX Family, UniQ
  • CO2 - EOX Family

IP54 grade housing is available with the all-in-one Uniq Laser Marker.

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c23 photoelectric

High Performance Sensors

Contrinex C23 Photoelectric Sensors

The Versatile C23 photoelectric sensors from Contrinex play a vital role in managing high-volume, automated operations. Features of the sensors Include:

  • Best in class performance
  • Versatile, cost effective & highly reliable sensor solution using ASIC technology
  • Miniature high sealed body: 20 x 30 x 10 mm
  • Ideal for food & beverage applications
  • Color independent background suppression detection of products
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Machine Vision

Vision Systems for Multi-Camera Inspection

DAtalogic Vision Processors & Cameras

Datalogic Vison Processors provide the highest performance in image processing with even more flexibility through multi-camera support.

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MX Series Vision Processors

  • Multi-camera vision processors
  • GigE vision camera connectivity
  • Three models available

MX-U Series Vision Processors

  • Ultra high-speed Intel Multi-core
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • Software included

IMPACT Vision Software

  • Drag & drop user interface
  • Provides real time parameter changes of cameras

M-Series Camera

  • VGA to 5MP resolution
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Compact design
300 Scanner

High-Resolution Sensor & Barcode Reader

Datalogic Matrix 300N

The Datalogic Matrix 300N combines a high-resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition ideal for high-speed & direct part marking applications.

  • V1.3 Megapixel, ‘true’ 60 frames/s
  • Power over Ethernet
  • IP67 option available
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Self-Learning Vision Software That Outperforms Human Inspection

ViDi Suite offers the first ready-to-use deep learning based vision software dedicated to industrial image analysis. ViDi Suite is a field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in machine learning.

Vidi Example

ViDi Suite is:

  • Human like: Outperforms the best quality inspectors
  • Self-learning: No software development is required for your application
  • Powerful : Tackles impossible to program challenges


  • Broaden inspection solutions portfolio & drastically reduce their development time
  • Perform feasibility studies in minutes instead of days
  • Cost-efficient & reliable automatic quality control which outperforms a human inspector.
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Stand-Alone, Cost Effective Smart Cameras

A30 Smart Camera

Datalogic A30 Smart Camera

The Datalogic A30 Series is a general purpose Smart Camera that can be installed even in harsh industrial environments.

  • IP67 enclosure
  • VGA grey-scale imager
  • Built in digital I/O
  • Ethernet port
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Vision Sensor for All Applications

Datalogic VS2

Datalogic DataVS2

The Datalogic DataVS2 is configured via PC through Ethernet interface. The software walks users through a simple step-by-step process.

  • Compact design
  • VGA resolution
  • Barcode & datamatrix readers
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Vision Products

Smart Cameras

Programmable vision systems that provide high resolution and high performance for part inspection, quality verification, robot guidance, part presence verification and part position & orientation.

Vision Sensors

Low-cost camera systems developed to satisfy the requirements of part presence verification, object counting, measurement, part position & orientation, quality inspection and identification.

Vision Processors

Rugged and compact embedded vision processors that features Intel® multi-core processors and ports for controlling up to four independent high-resolution cameras. Vision processors eliminate the need to purchase and install multiple smart cameras thus saving additional costs and reducing setup and networking time.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners automate the identification process of products based on the reading of 2D and 1D barcodes. Linear based scanners and image based readers allow the tracking and serialization of productions.

Laser Markers

Engravers that utilize a laser to mark on metal, wood, plastics and fabrics. Laser markers are useful for making labels and marking parts.


Used to detect presence, level, dimensions, or other characteristics of an object. Types are available to sense metallic and non-metallic objects and can interface to meters, PLCs, computers and other devices. Types available include inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, ultrasonic and laser.