Ibex specializes in custom stages for industrial and medical applications.

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Ibex has a rich history and reputation for providing ultra precision positioning systems. Uniquely qualified to handle industrial positioning platforms from miniature multi-axis systems to large complex granite systems, their solutions address the simplest screw stages to the most demanding precision Nano based systems employing the best of class components.

With a strong background in understanding customer applications, Ibex supports applications in many industries:

  • Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Industry, including cell analysis, virtual microscopy, and device manufacturing.
  • Semiconductor Industry, including wafer metrology, AFM and SEM motion platforms, and lithography processes.
  • Assembly Automation, including the manufacturing of CCD optics, explosive devices, and electronic assembly.
  • Photonics Industry, providing a family of small positioning devices for linear, rotary, tilt and vertical travel.

Ibex Custom Stage Configurations

The design of a precision motion system is dictated by the performance criteria of each application. Ibex utilizes a wide range of system components, based on the system specifications, to meet customer requirements. While stages are manufactured internally, drive mechanisms and position feedback devices are selected based on the required performance. Ibex has expertise in developing these key technologies.

    Drive Technology
  • Leadscrew/Ballscrew Drives
  • Belt & Pulley Drives
  • Brushless Linear Motors
  • Nanomotion Ceramic Servo Motors

    Feedback Technology
  • Precision Linear Encoders
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Capacitance Sensors
  • Laser Interferometers

    Bearing Technology
  • Re-circulating Guides
  • Crossed Rollers
  • Air Bearings

Right Stage for the Job

Ibex offers stages that provide exceptional performance. We can incorporate any of the technologies listed above to design and manufacture a stage that meets your exact specifications. We utilize the highest grade materials in stage construction and our stages can be easily combined to configure multi axis assemblies.

Ibex Rotary Stage

  • Direct Drive with Ceramic Servos
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Ultra Precision Flat Bearing
  • Zero Backlash

Custom Operating Environments

Ibex has excelled at providing motion control systems for challenging operating environments. Thousands of axes have been built for high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and magnetically sensitive environments, dictating complete non-magnetic stages.

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