As a fundamental part of any automated system, ONExia provides a wide range of motion control technologies including brushless servo or stepper motors, single & multi axis controllers, drives and amplifiers.

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Motion Control

Components featuring the latest technology designed for motion control applications. Visit our vendor pages for a complete breakdown of all the components available through ONExia.

Machine Controller

The Parker Automation Controller (PAC) Provides OEMs with a Standards-Based Automation Solution

Parker Automation Controller

The Parker PAC consolidates advanced logic, multi-axis motion, signal handling, and web-published visualization into one performance-driven solution.

  • Works with Allen Bradley Controls
  • PLC, motion controller, integrated visualization capabilities
  • Solid state design
  • Modular design - remove & insert without interfering with wiring
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256 Axes of Motion & 1024 I/O Points

Delta Tau Machine Controllers

From machine logic to high-performance motion control, Delta Tau provides complete automations solutions. Their product line ranges from single components to complete integrated systems.

Delta Tau Controllers

Integrated Controller-Amplifiers

  • Combining the versatility & strength of the PMAC with power amplification stages (1 - 8 channels) for controlling a variety of motor types

Machine & Motion Controllers

  • For controlling between 4 & 256 axes with unparalleled, built-in features for any motion control application, using a variety of outpout control signals & communicate protocols
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High-Performance Servo System for Machine Builders

Parker P-Series

Parker P-Series Servo System

The new Parker P-Series Servo System combines compact, flexible, advanced functionality drives with high performance motors.

  • EtherCAT ready - the fastest growing, most flexible industrial Ethernet
  • Rotary or linear servo motor control
  • Motors include absolute encoders
  • USB communications for convenient set-up
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Cost-Effective Motion Control Solution with a Dual Ethernet Interface

Parker IPA

Parker Intelligent Amplifier (IPA)

The Intelligent Parker Amplifier (IPA) is a fully programmable stand-alone motion controller with software tools included to optimize motion performance.

  • Based on ACR platform
  • Can drive a wide range of rotary & linear motors
  • Supports a number of industry standard feedback protocols
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Highly Programmable, Integrated Servo Motor System

Animatics SmartMotors

Animatics SmartMotor

The Animactics SmartMotor is integrated with a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and I/Os.

  • Now available with Class 6 Technology
  • Simplified wiring, RS-485 half-duplex port & live diagnostics through USB
  • NEMA 17, 23, 34 frame sizes
  • IP65 & IP67 models available (Class 5 only)
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Servo Motors for Any Application

A Servo Motor for the Harshest Environments

Parker MPW

An extension of the MPP motor family, the Parker MPW Series is designed for applications in full washdown environments.

  • 10 models covering 3 frame sizes
  • Cable options available for plug & play with competitor drives
  • IP69K standard
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The Industry’s Highest Performing Servo Motor

Stepper Motor

Parker MaxPlusPlus (MPP) brushless servo motor is redefining performance, flexibility, and reliability.

  • Frame sizes from 92mm - 270 mm
  • IP64 standard (IP65 optional)
  • Full customizations available
  • 3-21 day delivery
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Short Lead Time on Cost Effective Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor

Parker stocks a large quantity of LV & HV Stepper Motors to shorten lead time.

  • 17, 23, & 34 frame sizes
  • 1 & 3 stack lengths
  • Single & double shaft motors
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Motion Control Products

Machine Controllers

Single and multi-axis machine controls can drive entire machines, without the need for additional controls.

Servo Motor System

A system comprised of closed-loop electric motors & amplifiers which makes speed and position corrections based upon feedback.

Stepper Motor System

Open-loop motor and drive system that accepts digital commands and responds to digital step & direction inputs.

Program Logic Controller (PLC)

A programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes.

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Stepper vs. Servo Motor

Stepper Motors

Steppers have the inherent ability to divide a revolution into discrete steps and to hold position at rest without the need for a feedback device.

Stepper motor

Common Applications

  • Point to point moves
  • Precision positioning


  • High acceleration
  • High torque
  • Stable at rest
  • Lower cost than brushless servo
  • Excellent repeatability

Brushless Servo Motors

Constructed with windings in outer portion of motor and magnets attached to rotor. Location of windings provides shorter path for heat to escape.

Servo motor

Common Applications

  • High speeds, acceleration
  • Changing loads
  • Clamping, pressing


  • Closed loop control
  • Highest torque at high speeds