Parker Products are designed for easy configuration to make a complete motion system - from miniature precision for life sciences to overhead gantries for the factory floor.

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Parker Drives & Drive/ Controllers

Parker drives are designed to deliver a maximum amount of power output and performance in minimal package size. These drives have industryleading power density and smart digital designs with features to ease integration and start-up.

Intelligent Parker Amplifier

Parker IPA

The Aries Series are compact, easy-to-use servo motor drives and drive/controllers. Aries is a cost-effective and flexible digital servo solution where users are required to pay for only the performance they need. All models are CE (EMC & LVD), UL compliant.

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Parker Compax3 Servo Drives & Drive/Controllers


The Compax3 servo drives combine a high performance, digital design with industrial ruggedness and expansive power capabilities Compax3 servo drives are designed for industrial applications with heavy duty features such as built-in regeneration capabilities and AC input line filtering. The wide variety of power levels up to 155 A RMS, ensures that no application is too large for the Compax3 servo drive.

The family is offered in two variations: standalone (C3S and C3H) and a DC bussed multi-axis version (C3M).

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P-Series Compact Servo Drive

PD Drive

The P-Series drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo functionality. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which includes absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning.

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Parker Aries Controller


The Aries Controller single-axis servo drive delivers a wide range of standalone capabilities. The Aries Controller combines the performance benefits of the Aries digital servo drive with the industry-leading ACR9000 controller platform. With Ethernet connectivity, onboard I/O, and easy-to-use project development tools, commissioning single-axis motion is simple and efficient.

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Parker ViX Servo Drives & Drive/Controllers


The ViX Series is flexible, powerful and compact, giving users a robust and cost-effective DC product, particularly in multi-axis applications. Designed for easy setup and tuning, the ViX can be fully configured and running within minutes of unpacking the unit.

Parker OFS350-DRI Step Motor Drive

OFS350 Drive

The OFS350-DRI is a microstepping drive offering 400 to 12,800 steps per revolution, a step phase sequencer with MOSFET three-state switching amplifiers, and optoisolated circuits. This drive has3.5 amps, 42 VDC. It Requies External Step / Dir Control.

E-AC & E-DC Microstepping Drives

The E Series is a high-performing, low-cost family of packaged AC-input and DC-input microstepping drives.

  • Anti-resonance circuitry suppresses mid-range instability
  • Recommended motor inductance range of 0.5 mH to 80 mH
  • Selectable resolution up to 50,800 steps/rev
  • Auto standby reduces motor current (and heating)
  • Current waveforms to optimize smoothness
  • Optically isolated step and direction inputs
  • Short-circuit and overtemperature protection

Parker P2 Microstepping Drives

The P2 stepper drive is an OEM friendly miniature motion drive capable of up to 2 Amps in a 1” x 1” x 3.3” square package. P2 Drive

  • Adjustable run current via potentiometer
  • Auto standby adjustable current to reduce heat generation and power consumption
  • Stepper resolution to 3200 steps per rev
  • RoHS compliant
  • DIN rail mountable or mounts directly to LCR Series linear positioners
  • Accepts single or differential step and direction inputs

Parker Gemini GT6 Microstepping Drive/Controller

gemini drive

The Gemini GT6 is a stand-alone controller and drive in one small package. This unit can provide 5 or 8 amps of continuous current and has a variable resolution up to 128,000 steps/rev. The simplied configuration makes it an easy solution.

Parker Gemini GT6K Microstepping Drive/Controller

The Gemini GT6K has all the features of the GT6 plus full ASCII and Ethernet communication, multitasking, PLC scan, electronic cam profiling and more. This unit has 8 inputs and 6 outputs (can be expanded up to 256 I/O points).

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Parker & ONExia


ONExia offers complete systems using Parker products. We have confidence in knowing that our knowledge, experience, and support will ensure that your goals are met. Minimal design engineering ensures component compatibility from a single source.

Subsystems and Bundled Products

For a cost-effective and efficient solution, ONExia offers bundled or kitted Parker systems. We can combine motors, gearheads, and positioning systems to deliver a configured subsystem ready for installation. Parker configuration and setup software accommodates the rest of the product line, making start-up a snap.

Component Products

Parker offer the broadest range of linear and rotary motion products available for automation systems. If you have the capability and experience to develop your own systems, their innovative, easy-to-use products will help you get the job done. Parker provides short lead times, large selection, and proven reliability.

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Parker Applications

Industrial Applications

  • Packaging
  • Automotive manufacturing and assembly
  • Printing
  • Material handling
  • Military applications

Precision Connectivity

  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Computer peripherals
  • Life science
  • Medical equipment
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