ONExia provides various positioning systems and components. These products can be utilized in a range of processes including manufacturing, transferring and testing. Our expertly trained engineers will help you to decide which solution is perfect for your unique needs.

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Precision Positioning

Components featuring the latest technology designed for motion control applications. Visit our vendor pages for a complete breakdown of all the components available through ONExia.

Convenient Mounting for Easy Construction of XY Tables & XYZ Table Combinations

Parker 400 XR Series

400 XR

Premier performance, modular compatibility, and quick delivery have made these tables the perfect building blocks for cost-effective multi-axis systems.

  • Limit/home position sensors
  • Linear encoder feedback
  • Cleanroom preparation
  • Multi-axis brackets & adapters
  • Selectable motor mounts
  • Servo motors & drives
  • Programmable controls
  • Cable management system
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Top of the Line Precision Positioning Products

NSK Ball Screws

Ball Screw

NSK offers a large selection from miniature to ultra-large sizes, for machine tools and general machinery as well as for use under special environments.

NSK Linear Guides

Linear Guide

NSK has a diverse series of linear guides to meet the needs of the various industries we serve. For specific applications, NSK offers special coatings, lubricants, accuracies and custom designs.

NSK Monocarriers


NSK Monocarriers feature a single-axis design that includes ball screws, linear guides and support bearings.

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The Most User-Friendly Actuator Line on the Market

Parker HMR

Parker HMR

Parker’s HMR actuator is specifically designed for OEM’s, machine builders, and end users looking for a heavy-duty industrial positioner with the versatility to solve today’s hardest engineering challenges.

  • 5 profile sizes - 85, 110, 150, 180 & 240 mm
  • Dual drive train - precision ground ball screw or high efficiency timing belt
  • IP54 rated cover option
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Easy to Mount Actuators for New & Retrofit Applications

Parker Origa System Plus Electromechanical Actuators

OSPE Actuator

Parker Origa System Plus Electromechanical (OSPE) actuator systems are completely modular in design to accommodate a broad range of application installation and performance requirements.

  • Offered in belt-driven or screw-driven, horizontal & vertical configurations
  • Extruded aluminum profile
  • IP54 strip seal
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Universally Mountable Gearheads

Parker Stealth II Gearheads


Parker Stealth II Gearheads are designed simply and have universal mounting kits making for a quick delivery & short installation times.

  • Inline & right angle models
  • Low-cost model options
  • Increased service life
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“Plug & Play” Linear Servo Motor Tables

400 LXR

Parker Linear Tables

The Parker 400LXR Table Series features slotless linear motor technology with performance matched mechanical elements.

  • Certified accuracy & repeatability
  • Long life cable management
  • Quick delivery
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Smallest Linear Servo Motor Driven Positioner

Parker Linear Positioners

MX 80

The MX80 is a high-performance linear servo motor stage designed to meet today’s 24/7 production demands requiring rapid fire precision.

  • 25 mm high x 80 mm wide
  • Submicron precision
  • No moving cables
  • Cleanroom options
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Energy Saving, Tubular Style Linear Motor for Machine Builders & OEMs

Parker Electric Cylinders

Parker ETT

The Parker ETT uses a linear motor that eliminates the need for an additional belt or screw, gearhead and motor as in many electromechanical positioners creating greater performance in a smaller overall package.

  • No need for additional belt, screw, gearhead or motor
  • High dynamic positioning
  • IP67 rated
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An Electric Cylinder with Up to 80,000 lbs. of Maximum Thrust

Electric Cylinder

Parker High Thrust Electric Cylinders

Parker’s XFC Series is an extreme force electric thrust cylinder that features roller screw, drive technology.

  • Frame size - 75, 90, 115, 140, 165, 190
  • Roller screw technology
  • All steel construction
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Precision Positioning


Actuators convert the rotary motion of an electric motor into linear motion. Types include rod and rodless, with either stepping or brushless servo motors.


Gearboxes provide speed reduction, increase applied torque, and reduce the load inertia that is reflected back to the motor. Technologies include spur gear and planetary gear models, both in-line and right angle.

Linear Guides, Ball Screws and Monocarriers

Precision mechanical components that convert rotary to linear motion. Available in a wide range of sizes and used to provide and support linear motion in machines.

Precision Positioners

Linear tables designed to move and position loads, with either linear or rotary motion. Usually powered by a stepping or brushless servo motor which can be either rotary or linear. Available with sub-micron repeatability.

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Stepper vs. Servo Motor

Rotary to Linear Conversion

Linear motion systems driven by rotating electric motors commonly employ one of three rotary-to-linear conversion systems: ballscrew, acme screw or belt drive.

Lead Screw

Screw-drive mechanisms, whether acme screw or ballscrew, provide high thrust (to thousands of pounds) but are often limited by critical speed, maximum recirculation speed of ball nut circuits, or sliding friction of acme nut systems.

Ball Screw


The majority of linear motion applications convert motor torque to linear thrust using ballscrews due to their ability to convert more than 90% of the motor’s torque to thrust. As seen below, the ball nut uses one or more circuits of recirculating steel balls which roll between the nut and ball screw threads. Ballscrews provide an effective solution when the application requires:

  • High efficiency, low friction
  • High duty cycle (less than 50%)
  • Long life, low wear

Acme Screw


The acme screw uses a plastic or bronze solid nut that slides along the threads of the screw, much like an ordinary nut and bolt. Since there are no rolling elements between the nut and lead screw, acme screws yield only 30-50% of the motors energy to driving the load. The remaining energy is lost to friction and dissipated as heat. This heat generation limits the duty cycle to less than 50%. A great benefit of the acme screw is its ability to hold a vertical load in a power-off situation. The acme screw is a good choice requiring:

  • Low speeds
  • Low duty cycles (50%)
  • The ability to hold position while motor is off