ONExia is partnered with with world class vendors from across the globe. This enables us to bring you the best automation components and robotic offerings. We also offer sizing, support and integration services.

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ONExia Products

Every vendor that ONExia is partnered with is not only a product we sell; it is a product we use. Our engineers use these world class products in our own custom machine designs. This not only shows we stand by what we sell, we are experts in of what we sell. In many cases we have applied products in more applications than the companies that manufacture them!

Motion Control

Motion Control

As a fundamental part of any automated system, ONExia provides a wide range of motion control technologies including brushless servo or stepper motors, single & multi axis controllers, drives and amplifiers.

Machine Controllers

single axis controller

Single and multi-axis machine controls can drive entire machines, without the need for additional controls.

Servo Motor System

servo motor

A system comprised of closed-loop electric motors & amplifiers which makes speed and position corrections based upon feedback.

Stepper Motor System

stepper motor

Open-loop motor and drive system that accepts digital commands and responds to digital step & direction inputs.

Operator Interface Terminals (HMIs)


Acts as a communication bridge between a human and a machine. Displays messages, errors and allows for changing.

Motion Control

Precision Positioning

Precision Positioning

ONExia provides various positioning systems and components. These products can be utilized in a range of processes including manufacturing, transferring and testing. Our expertly trained engineers will help you to decide which solution is perfect for your unique needs.



Actuators convert the rotary motion of an electric motor into linear motion. Types include rod and rodless, with either stepping or brushless servo motors.



Gearboxes provide speed reduction, increase applied torque, and reduce the load inertia that is reflected back to the motor. Technologies include spur gear and planetary gear models, both in-line and right angle.

Linear Guides, Ball Screws and Monocarriers

ball screw

Precision mechanical components that convert rotary to linear motion. Available in a wide range of sizes and used to provide and support linear motion in machines.

Precision Positioners


Linear tables designed to move and position loads, with either linear or rotary motion. Usually powered by a stepping or brushless servo motor which can be either rotary or linear. Available with sub-micron repeatability.

Precision Positioning



ONExia offers a variety of world class articulated, cartesian, collaborative, delta and SCARA robots. Along with these state of the art robots we are proud to offer a variety of end of arm tooling to fit any situation where a robot can be used.

Articulated Arm Robots


An articulated robot is one which uses rotary joints to access its work space. Cartesian Robots (Linear Robots) A linear robot that has 2 to 4 axis of movement with optional rotary axis.

Delta Robots


A delta robot is a type of parallel robot. It consists of three arms connected to universal joints at the base. Delta robots are often used in very high speed pick and place applications.


Collaborative Robots

A collaborative robot works directly with a human in the same work envelope without safety cages or other safety devices.

SCARA Robots


A SCARA robot (selective compliance assembly robot arm) is slightly compliant in the X-Y direction but rigid in the ‘Z’ direction, hence the term: selective compliant.

End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)


End of arm tooling (EOAT) is the portion of a robot that allows it to interact physically with its assigned tasks. Just as it sounds, the EOAT is mounted at the end of a robot’s arm and consists of a type of gripper or other tool.


Identification & Inspection Systems

Vision Systems

The primary uses for identification systems are automatic inspection and robot guidance. Common vision applications include quality assurance, sorting, robot guidance, and optical gauging.

Smart Cameras

Smart Camera

Programmable vision systems that provide high resolution and high performance for part inspection, quality verification, robot guidance, part presence verification and part position & orientation.

Vision Sensors


Low-cost camera systems developed to satisfy the requirements of part presence verification, object counting, measurement, part position & orientation, quality inspection and identification.

Vision Processors

Vision Processors

Rugged and compact embedded vision processors that features Intel multi-core processors and ports for controlling up to four independent high-resolution cameras. Vision processors eliminate the need to purchase and install multiple smart cameras thus saving additional costs and reducing setup and networking time.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners automate the identification process of products based on the reading of 2D and 1D barcodes. Linear based scanners and image based readers allow the tracking and serialization of productions.

Laser Markers

Laser Marker

Engravers that utilize a laser to mark on metal, wood, plastics and fabrics. Laser markers are useful for making labels and marking parts.



Used to detect presence, level, dimensions, or other characteristics of an object. Types are available to sense metallic and non-metallic objects and can interface to meters, PLCs, computers and other devices. Types available include inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, ultrasonic and laser.

Id & Inspection

Aluminum Framing


ONExia provides components and support to make your automation line safe for employees. Specializing in custom aluminum frames, ONExia can have frame orders completed for shipment within one business day.

Aluminum Framing

Structural Aluminum Extrusions and Components provide a complete system that allows quick and easy design and assembly of machine bases and frames, stands, guard assemblies, material handling fixtures, safety guarding, robot safety fencing, and tooling supports.

If you need a control panel somewhere, you just have to worry about installing a couple of crossbeams to mount it. You can worry about the exact location of the beams later. The T-slots let you attach components at any time and at any location.

Safety & Framing
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