Quickdraw Conveyor Systems were specially designed for use in automation processes. Their patented low profile, open center, slip-roller design can easily be integrated with an endless variety of automation processes.

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Quickdraw Conveyors

Quickdraw Conveyor Systems were specially designed for use in automation processes. Their patented low profile, open center, slip-roller design can easily be integrated with an endless variety of automation processes. This flexible, modular design makes them an ideal selection for conveyance in cleanroom environments, automotive component assembly, medical device and instrument assembly, microelectronics production, and semiconductor applications. With conveyors available for low to high range load capacities paired with bidirectional operation and compatibility with a variety of auxiliary devices, Quickdraw meets your most challenging production needs.

MR Series Conveyor

MR Conveyor

Designed for factory automation and robotic assembly, the MR Series features an open center, slip-roller design for accumulation, and precise product movement. These clean, quiet, and ESD safe conveyors offer fixed or adjustable widths, two roller types (standard, and edge handling), two rail options (standard and T-slot), and two drives (direct and belt driven), depending on your system requirements. The conveyor with cleanroom kit shown here includes the optional T-slot fastening rail and the vacuum motor enclosure.

Fixed MR

MR Conveyor standard

The MR Fixed Width Standard Conveyor is the ideal system for dedicated, fixed-width assembly line applications such as conveyance of Auer boats, pallets, disk drives, and other fixed-width products. The customer specifies the width (typically 0.060 inches wider than the product transported). The conveyor is available in two rail configurations standard and T-slot and can be ordered with standard or edge-handling rollers.

XR Series

XR Conveyor

The XR Series bridges the capacity gap between the Quickdraw MR Series and HD Series, and is easily configured and integrated into new or existing production lines. Like all Quickdraw conveyors, the XR’s proprietary design is modular and sectional, with clean, quiet, and ESD safe operation. The XR also features bidirectional operation with an open center, slip-roller for accumulation, and precise product movement. This low-profile conveyor can be integrated with auxiliary devices such as: Lift & Locate Docks, Rotators, Loaders/Unloaders, Stackers, and Diverters.

HD Series

HD Conveyor

The HD Series conveyor offers the same benefits as the MR Series except that it is designed for heavy-duty applications. It works with most framing extrusion brands and has a compact profile. A gear motor directly drives each roller rail, eliminating the rail-to-rail drive shaft and permitting easy width adjustments to handle different size products. Lengths are available in 2-inch increments (the roller pitch for this conveyor) up to 120 inches per conveyor section.


Edge Belt Conveyor

Quickdraw Belt Edge Conveyors are specifically designed for transporting PCBs, BGA flex arrays, MCMs, and ceramic substrates with electronic assembly, test, and inspection equipment. Available in standard or custom designs and adjustable widths, these conveyors provide precise metering and locating of product to assure optimum performance. The conveyors are SMEMA compliant and ESD safe.

LR Series

LR Series Conveyor

The many uses of the LR Series include randomly oriented parts and assorted product sizes. The LR Series features full width slip-rollers in the same standard length options as the MR Series. The conveyor is available in three widths 7, 12, and 18 inches in the lengths listed below. With extremely low back pressure, the LR Series eliminates production issues such as shingling, jamming, and other varied product damage. Though the LR Series is an accumulating conveyor like the Quickdraw MR Conveyor, the LR also allows the product the ability to travel in any orientation.

Microplate Conveyor

Microplate Conveyor

Quickdraw realizes the growing importance of laboratory automation in the research processes of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Automating a laboratory can accelerate the discovery and research process, improve sterile conditions, eliminate human errors, and allow for tracking of a large number of samples. To help laboratories accomplish these objectives, Quickdraw designed the Microplate Conveyor System.

The Microplate Conveyor System offers drug discovery companies the ability to maximize throughput in screening & other processes. Its open center enables precise locating of plates for dispensing, inspection, and other operations. Its patented slip roller drive system allows microplate accumulation without disrupting upstream or downstream processes. The systems are extremely versatile and can be integrated into process equipment or connect several processes in a line. The Microplate Conveyor System is safe and quiet which makes it an ideal component for drug discovery research. All components are DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) available and meet clean room requirements.

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