Rethink Robotics provides smart, collaborative robots adapt to real-world variability, are agile enough to change applications quickly, and perform tasks like people do. They’re the perfect fit for many of the 90% of manufacturing tasks that can’t be practically automated today.

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Rethink Robotics End Effectors

ONExia offers a complete array of end of arm tooling for both Baxter and Sawyer that are designed to make integrating the collaborative robots into applications a seamless process.

Electric Parallel Gripper


Electric parallel grippers provide one degree of freedom with multiple grasp widths, deliver an actuation time of less than one second and allow Baxter to pick up from the outside or inside an object.

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Vacuum Gripper Kit

vacuum cup

Vacuum cup grippers greatly reduce the risk of marring an object's finish, make it easy to pick flat objects off a stack and often allow you to expedite operations. They allow a maximum payload of up to five pounds.

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Baxter Gripper Video Feature

Baxter Lab Assistant

Could Baxter be your next lab assistant? ONExia wants to make that happen. In this video we demonstrate Baxter using general lab equipment to do the "Volcano Experiment."

By making slight modifications to the finger tips provided in the Electric Parallel Grip Kit Baxter is able to handle lab glassware and use a spoon to scoop powder from a container.

Custom Gripper

Custom End Effectors

The engineers at ONExia are continuing to develop state of the art custom end of arm tooling for Baxter and Sawyer. Contact us today to for more information on our custom EOAT options.

Communication Accessories


The ONExia designed I/O Extension PLC box is designed to mount directly to the pedestal of Baxter and Sawyer. By installing the PLC box to the collaborative robot the I/O is expanded to 12 programmable digital inputs and 12 programmable digital outputs.

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Mobile Pedestal

Baxter Pedestal

While Baxter and Sawyer can be bolted to a table or other stable surface, Rethink Robotics offers an optional rolling mobile pedestal with industrial grade casters for manufacturers who want to move it quickly and safely between workstations.

Easily passed through standard doorways, the mobile pedestal offers two adjustable heights, leveling feet, and features easy cable management that ensures a safe, uncluttered work environment.

Baxter Lighting Accessories

Ring Light

The ONExia Robotic Arm Light is designed to light the pick area giving the cameras built within Baxter's arm a better viewing area in dimly lit factories.


  • Easy to mount without modifying the robot
  • Provides light directly in line with the wrist camera
  • Reduces shadows and improves part contrast
  • Improves or makes possible vision picks


  • LED Light
  • Operates on 12 VDC; includes a 120 VAC wall transformer on cable
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.8” diameter x 4.8” over-all
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"Cobot" Applications

Machine Tending

Loading/unloading machines, coordinating with varied cycle times, supporting finishing operations, and machine interaction jobs.


Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for many different types of products and containers.

PCB Handling and ICT

Tending circuit board testers, and moving and manipulating delicate components throughout the process.


Packing multiple components into specific configurations, fulfilling orders, and prepping packages for display or shipping.

Material Handling

Moving raw materials, individual parts and finished assemblies to and from destinations, supporting inspections and barcode scans.

Loading & Unloading

Moving parts to and from tables, cases, conveyors, fixtures and more, maintaining counts and re-orienting parts.

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Catalogs & Videos

Baxter Datasheet

Sawyer Datasheet

Safety & Regulatory Compliance Overview