Rethink Robotics provides smart, collaborative robots adapt to real-world variability, are agile enough to change applications quickly, and perform tasks like people do. They’re the perfect fit for many of the 90% of manufacturing tasks that can’t be practically automated today.

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Rethink Robotics

The manufacturing world is changing, and so are its technology requirements. Flexible automation has become a priority in plants around the world, as companies seek new and cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic customer requirements.

The manufacturing factory of the future is up and running today – in local job shops and global manufacturing giants, and everywhere in between. Rethink Robotics line of smart, collaborative robots are leading to a more productive tomorrow. Now’s your chance to be a part of it.


High Performance Collaborative Robot

Sawyer Robot

Introducing Sawyer – the revolutionary new high performance collaborative robot designed to execute machine tending, circuit board testing and other precise tasks that have historically been impractical to automate with industrial robots. Sawyer is a significant addition to the Rethink Robotics family of smart, collaborative robots that define the groundbreaking category of safe, interactive, affordable automation.

Designed for High Performance

Sawyer is designed for a variety of higher speed, higher precision tasks, such as machine tending and circuit board testing, that still require flexibility, safety and a compliant touch.

Embedded Cognex Vision

Sawyer offers an embedded vision system, with a head camera for wide view applications and a Cognex camera in its wrist that enables the Robot Positioning System and eventually many other complex vision tasks.

Smaller Footprint, Longer Reach

Smaller and lighter weight than Baxter, with 7 DOF and a 1260 mm maximum reach, Sawyer can maneuver into the tight spaces and varied alignments of work cells designed for humans.

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Dual Arm Automation

Baxter Robot

With its inherent safety design, intuitive user interface, groundbreaking price and innovative train by demonstration approach to programming, Baxter fundamentally changed the way automation could be accessed and utilized in production environments.

As the world’s first two-arm collaborative robot in 2012, Baxter revolutionized the manufacturing world and literally became the face of the collaborative robotics category. And for good reason. Today, leading companies of all sizes, industries and specialties rely on Baxter to handle their repetitive production tasks, gaining a significant competitive advantage for their business.

Safe, by Design

Baxter is safe to operate next to in production environments, without the need for caging – saving money and valuable floor space.

Trained, Not Programmed

With Baxter, no traditional programming is required. Instead, it’s manually trainable by in-house staff, reducing the time and cost of third party programmers.

Flexible & Re-deployable

Baxter is flexible for a range of applications and re-trainable across lines and tasks. Baxter can be repurposed quickly across jobs, often delivering an ROI in under a year.

Affordable & Extensible

Baxter’s tiny base price is feasible for SMEs, while its big performance keeps improving through regular software releases.

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Rethink Robotics Software

Intera 3

Intera Software

Intera provides an easy to use graphical user interface that in-house staff can master quickly. The platform allows Baxter and Sawyer to be trained by demonstration, using context instead of coordinates to enable non-technical personnel to create and modify programs as needed. It intelligently handles changing environments, while providing an extensible platform that leverages modern tools such as ROS to maximize relevance and flexibility for the modern workforce.

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Rethink Robotics Accessories

ONExia offers a complete array of end of arm tooling for both Baxter & Sawyer that are designed to make integrating the collaborative robots into applications a seamless process.

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Electric Parallel Gripper Kit

Electric Gripper Kit

Electric parallel grippers allow our robots to pick up rigid and semi-rigid objects of many shapes and sizes. Kits come with interchangeable fingers and fingertips to maximize flexibility, and will support customized finger options for specialized parts.

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Custom Vacuum Gripper Kit

Vacuum Gripper Kit

The ONExia Custom Vacuum Gripper Kit provides all the components necessary to create vacuum end of arm tooling for one arm on Baxter or on Sawyer. All parts can be reconfigured as applications change.

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PLC I/O Extension

Vacuum Gripper Kit

The ONExia designed accessory gives end users the ability to expand Baxter or Sawyers I/O to 12 programmable digital inputs and 12 programmable digital outputs.

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Robots for Research & Education

For decades, researchers and educators were forced to choose between cost, safety, functionality, and ease of use. Rethink changed all that – becoming the first and only robot company to support the future workforce through research and education initiatives.

Baxter Research Robot is a $25,000 (USD) humanoid robot platform with two 7-axis arms, integrated cameras, sonar, torque sensors, and direct programming access via a standard ROS interface. It is entirely safe to operate around humans without safety cages, making it the perfect companion for late nights in the lab.

Coming Soon - Sawyer Research Robot

Video Testimonial - Cornell University

Research Testimonial

At Cornell University, a research group of students to program and develop algorithms for robots, in order to teach the robots new directives.

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"Cobot" Applications

Machine Tending

Loading/unloading machines, coordinating with varied cycle times, supporting finishing operations, and machine interaction jobs.


Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for many different types of products and containers.

PCB Handling and ICT

Tending circuit board testers, and moving and manipulating delicate components throughout the process.


Packing multiple components into specific configurations, fulfilling orders, and prepping packages for display or shipping.

Material Handling

Moving raw materials, individual parts and finished assemblies to and from destinations, supporting inspections and barcode scans.

Loading & Unloading

Moving parts to and from tables, cases, conveyors, fixtures and more, maintaining counts and re-orienting parts.

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Catalogs & Videos

Baxter Datasheet

Sawyer Datasheet

Safety & Regulatory Compliance Overview