Swivel Link is an innovative new way to mount vision systems, sensors, and HMI's to machines. Easily adjustable these mounts can be reused as applications change.

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Swivellink Conveyor in a Box


The Swivellink Conveyor is a unique new product that has been designed to make building a conveyor fast and easy. This revolutionary "build your own" concept allows you to solve your unique problem with 4 easy steps.

It also eliminates engineering hassle and shipping frustrations. Built for light and medium duty applications, you can add your belt, extrusion, and motor to build a conveyor that fits your needs.

4 Easy Steps to Assemble

1. Purcahse a Kit in a Box

Conveyor Kit

2. Add ONExia's IPS Extrusion


3. Add a Baldor or Oriental Motor


4. Add conveyor belting


Swivellink Conveyor Features

  • The Swivellink® parts are just below the belt so the part can be larger than the bed and not catch
  • Belt removal and tensioning is fast and easy
  • Designed to be built with 1.5" and 3" standard extrusion
  • Parts can be purchased individually or in a kit, depending on your needs
  • Swivellink® Mounts can easily be mounted to the side for addition of camera/sensor/light
  • Works well in light and medium duty applications
  • Conveyor width sizes from 1.5” to 9” wide in 1.5” increments
  • Rollers come in 1.5” increments with a 6mm slot for belts with a 6mm v-guide
  • Motor plate is designed to work with most Baldor & Oriental motors
  • Legs are fully adjustable in height, making adjustments in a few seconds
  • Optional casters provide easy movement
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