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TR LE 200 - Laser Distance Measuring Device

Linear Position Measurement

The series of the Laser Distance Measurement devices are optical sensors. You can capture longer distances contact-free and fast enough for close loop axis controllers. The components of the laser positioning system are the laser light source, light collector, electronic evaluation, and data interfaces such as a reflector. The device sends out a modulated light beam which is reflected by the reflector. It captures linear movement, particularly suitable for storage and logistics, programmable, optional with preliminary setup for connecting a coolong circuit, robust design.

  • Position sensing (also of moving targets) up to a distance of 240 m. With reflector.
  • Category: LE200 Laser
  • Type: LE200 Position Sensing
  • Measuring Range: 0.2 - 240m
  • Max Resolution (Prog): 0.1mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 mm
  • Programmable controls
  • Reproductibility: +/- 2mm
  • Interfaces: SSI / Codeface / Profibus / CANopen / DeviceNet / Interbus / Ethernet/IP

Distance Measuring Application


There are various ways of sensing the position of systems that move linearly. Instead of mechanical measurement sensors, optical distance sensors have many advantages. They measure the absolute position without any touching parts, and are therefore wear free and without slip. Typical applications for these devices are: Position sensors for closed loop position control in automatic stock equipment, unmanned transport devices, portal cranes transport chariots.

The field bus types are programmable via the field bus, the SSI-version can be programmed directly from the switch cabinet by using our user friendly programming software - even if the LE 200 is mounted where no one can reach! Integrated intensity- and temperature surveillance ensures long-term stability of measurement values.


LE 200™ with Cooling / Heating

Available with water cooling option. Absolute laser distance measurement. Very High reproducibility. Up to 240 meters. Linear over entire range. Ideal for Material Handling, Automated Warehousing, Stackers, Cranes, AGV's, Conveyors, Transfer Machines and Overhead and Gantry systems

The most effective way of cooling is the connection to an (existing) water cooling system. With this option, the LE 200 can permanently be used in surroundings with temperatures above +50°C. The possible temperature range crucially depends on the power of the existing cooling system.

Any LE 200 is equipped with a temperature dependent control of the laser. This ensures within the allowed temperature range (0 .. +50°C) - stable measurement values, long durability of the laser and the respectation of the power limits given by the IEC 825. Additionally, warning signals can be produced when exceeding the temperature range to react by e.g. activating external cooling or stopping the affected machine parts.

The optional heating extends the temperature range down to -30°C. The inside of the housing as well as the front window is heated, controlled by the current temperature. This ensures that neither frost nor dew occur in the optical path or electronic system. With the heating operating 100 %, power consumption increases to 60 W.


The measurement principle of the LE 200 delivers a reproducibility of ± 2 mm. That means, that an exact mechanical position is reached in repeated positioning within the range of ± 2 mm. This is especially suitable for applications where positions are determined by teach-in. (That means a reproducibility of 0,003 % for an LE 200 with 170 m stroke, compared to the whole stroke).

There may be variations from one device to another that require a re-teaching of the positions in case of exchange of the LE. There also occur differences comparing the positions with a reference measurement system. To counter this problem, we optionally offer a linearisation for full range. Due to this linearisation, the LE 200 ensures a measurement uncertainty of ± 5 mm compared to an absolute reference system.

Functional Description

The laser distance measurement devices of the model LE sense linear movements and convert them into electrical signals. With these sensors longer distances can be captured contactless and suitable for closed-loop control.

The laser diode within the device sends a modulated light beam which is reflected by the reflector of an even surface and again is received by the detector within the device. The distance can be calculated by taking the phase difference between the sent and received light beam.

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