TR Electronic is an industry leader in manufacturing and supporting position feedback, drive technology and sensor solutions world-wide. Through its complete line of absolute encoders, linear measurement systems and industrial sensors, TR Electronic is able to deliver exceptional results every time.

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TR Electronics Power Gap

Inductive Power Supply and Signal Transmission

It is always difficult to install sensors and other devices in machines and equipment with rotating tables, moving pallets, tool changing and forming dies, because the equipment is restricted by fixed cabling. PowerGap meets customers' demands for wire-less solutions by inductively supplying power from a fixed part to a moving part and transmitting signals between the two.

Rotating Motion

  • Machining - Multi Surface turning jig
  • Machining - Workpiece detection on a turntable
  • Welding - Confirming presence on a two sided jig
  • Welding - Identifying workpiece on a turntable
  • Machining - Confirming pressure of hydrolic unit
  • Assembling - Confirming presence of workpiece
  • Cutter - Positioning of workpiece on Pipe-cut machine
  • Food filling- Monitoring heating tempreature at a food packaging
  • Stirring - Monitoring temperature at the center of a stirring tank
  • Printing - Initiating motors for print positioning adjustment
  • Robot - Confirming workpiece on a removable robot hand

Common Applications

Removable Motion

  • Robot - Confirming workpiece on a removable robot hand
  • Welding - Workpiece detection on a removable jig
  • Press - Workpiece detection on stamping guide
  • Machining - Detection of misalignment of workpiece on pallet


  • Transfer - Confirming workpiece on a conveyor shuttle
  • Assembling - Workpiece detection on pallets
  • Assembling - Jig adjustment and clamp confirmation on pallet
  • Welding - Confirmation of workpiece on pallet and robot hand
  • AGV - Non-contact charging batteries
  • Assembling - Workpiece identification: solenoid valve actuation and clamp confirmation

Power Gap Principle

Power Gap consists of the Remote mounted on the movable side and the Base Sensor installed on the fixed side. When the Remote comes into the transmittable field of the Base Sensor, inductive power is supplied to the Remote, and the signals are transmitted across the gap.


Receives power and command from the Output head supporting connected devices and sends signals to the Base head simultaneously.


Hardwired to power supply and controller. Inductively supplies power to the Remote head as well as 2-way communication with the Remote head simultaneously.

Power Gap Advantages

  • Cable - stress damage, limitation of physical movement, additional space requirements
  • Connector - Wear and tear (maintenance is necessary), human error when connecting, protection requirement for exposed, connectors
  • Slip Ring - Limited life cycle (maintenance is necessary), vulnerable to dust and liquids, increased size of rotary mechanism
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TR Applications

Storage & Logistics

TR Electronic Solutions for the Storage and Logistics industry goes from Displacement Measurement, Laser Distance Measurement, Axis Coontrollers. Contact us to request a product solution for your needs.

Print Industry

From Absolute Rotary Encoders, Incremental Rotary Encoders, Compact Drives, Cam Controllers. Fast signal processing for print machines enables higher accuracy and decentralized compact drives automate adjusting procedures. With stainless steel housings, rotary encoders even sustain aggressive mediums like groundwood pulp in paper machines. Small absolute rotary encoders measure movements in tight spaces.

Stage Technology

Our rotary encoders offer safety in all required classes for stage technology and other SAFE applications. From rotary encoders with additional incremental tracks up to SIL3 certified safety rotary encoders, we offer the right solution for safety.

Injection Molding

Linear measurement systems, for implementing into hydraulic cylinders, blend smoothly into injection molding machines. Industrial PCs are a universal platform for user specific control systems for series production and special machines.

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