TR Electronic is an industry leader in manufacturing and supporting position feedback, drive technology and sensor solutions world-wide. Through its complete line of absolute encoders, linear measurement systems and industrial sensors, TR Electronic is able to deliver exceptional results every time.

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TR Electronics

TR Electronic will work with you to develop the best solution for your application. TR flexible product manufacturing process allows for custom product design with the highest quality and precision you demand. TR Electronic provides local service and support with North American factory trained technicians who are ready to assist you.

TR Electronics Positioning and Drives

Programmable Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Special Application Encoders

A complete range of rotary Encoders with multiple interfaces including all major fieldbus protocols. We also have Redundancy and full double encoders available. SIL3 ratings for safety.

  • Absolute Encoders
  • Absolute Programmable Encoders
  • Incremental Encoders
  • Special Application Encoders
  • Dual Safety Encoders
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Positioning and Drives
  • Ethernet/IP Encoder
  • Rotary Absolute Encoder
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TR Fork Light Barriers

fork sensor

Fork Light Barriers are through beam sensors. Transmitter, receiver and all the electronics are in one casing ensuring straightforward and quick installation. Complex brackets for fastening the transmitter and receiver as well as time-consuming adjustment are unnecessary. Fork Light Barriers have a robust metal casing. All devices with clocked infrared or red light have high ambient light immunity.

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TR Power Gap

Inductive Power Supply and Signal Transmission

power gap

It is always difficult to install sensors and other devices in machines and equipment with rotating tables, moving pallets, tool changing and forming dies, because the equipment is restricted by fixed cabling. PowerGap meets customers' demands for wire-less solutions by inductively supplying power from a fixed part to a moving part and transmitting signals between the two.

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TR Laser Distance Measurement - LE 200

Linear Position Measurement

laser measure

The series of the Laser Distance Measurement devices are optical sensors. You can capture longer distances contact-free and fast enough for close loop axis controllers. The components of the laser positioning system are the laser light source, light collector, electronic evaluation, and data interfaces such as a reflector. The device sends out a modulated light beam which is reflected by the reflector. It captures linear movement, particularly suitable for storage and logistics, programmable, optional with preliminary setup for connecting a coolong circuit, robust design.

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TR Applications

Storage & Logistics

TR Electronic Solutions for the Storage and Logistics industry goes from Displacement Measurement, Laser Distance Measurement, Axis Coontrollers. Contact us to request a product solution for your needs.

Print Industry

From Absolute Rotary Encoders, Incremental Rotary Encoders, Compact Drives, Cam Controllers. Fast signal processing for print machines enables higher accuracy and decentralized compact drives automate adjusting procedures. With stainless steel housings, rotary encoders even sustain aggressive mediums like groundwood pulp in paper machines. Small absolute rotary encoders measure movements in tight spaces.

Stage Technology

Our rotary encoders offer safety in all required classes for stage technology and other SAFE applications. From rotary encoders with additional incremental tracks up to SIL3 certified safety rotary encoders, we offer the right solution for safety.

Injection Molding

Linear measurement systems, for implementing into hydraulic cylinders, blend smoothly into injection molding machines. Industrial PCs are a universal platform for user specific control systems for series production and special machines.

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Catalogs & Videos

Literature downloads and videos for all TR Electronics products.

TR Fork Light Barrier Brochure

TR Power Gap Brochure

TR Laser Measurment Brochure

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