ONExia Rotor Blade Cart

Rotor Blade Restoration Made Easy

Perfected over years of field testing, this simple yet innovative technology is fully operational without the need for tools, air, or power. If you would like to eliminate handling, reduce damage and increase productivity during any point in your manufacturing process, the ONExia Blade Cart is the answer.

Blade Line

The ONExia Blade Cart is a docking system that makes rotation and transport of blades safe and easy. Common logistical issues and operator fatigue are simultaneously eliminated. By ultilizing the blade's center of gravity, the cart's balanced, silcone-free design provides effortless rotation with out the need of tools, air or power. It's removabletop and bottom assembly makes loading by hand or overhead crane simple.

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Blade Cart Features:

Two rotating nests can be placed at any spacing and are adjustable on their locking casters

All blade contact parts are removable for easy change-out

Brakes on each rotating assembly allow the blade to be positioned at many angles, alowing for twist in the blade

Ample braking force is provided to allow an operator to learn on the assembly without it slipping

Removable top and bottom assemblies, pull pins only, no tools!

Full access to entire side of the blade for repair work

Balanced design uses the blades center of gravity, eliminating the need for a mtor driven assembly

iconONExia Rotor Blade Cart

180° Blade Cart

Adjustable height. Able to rotate at complete 180° for easy access to the entire blade.

180 cart

360° Blade Cart

Adjustable height. Able to rotate at complete 360° for easy access to the entire blade.

blade cart cart full cart complete

180° Fixed Height Cart

Fixed height. Stops are included on the 180° version to prevent over-rotation.

fixed cart

Dual Halo Cart

Two 180° halos with adjustable height framed together for easy blade transportation.


Stainless Paint Steel Cart

A stainless steal cart built with self cleaning bearings that is designed for painting rotor blades.

paint cart

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