Animatics SmartMotor

The Animatics SmartMotor is a highly programmable, integrated servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and IOs.

class 6 smartmotor

Class 6 SmartMotor

These new Class 6 SmartMotors have a new powerful processor that operates at nearly twice the processor speed of Class 5 SmartMotor.

  • Simplified wiring, reduce cost through the onboard dual-port Ethernet switch
  • Fieldbus communication through EtherCAT™, PROFINET™ or EtherNet/IP™
  • Easily access SmartMotor™ programmable autonomous control features in slave mode, which allows special user-programmed functions
  • Optionally communicate with the motor through the RS-485 half-duplex port, which provides access as a Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Slave
  • Optionally program, configure and get live diagnostics through the USB interface
ip65 rated smart motor

IP-65 Rated Motor

The IP65 rated SmartMotors is protected from angles against jets of water and dust or dirt particles that may damage other servos. It can withstand splashing water, oil or food debris as well as rainy conditions.

  • Mil-style connectors
  • IP65 rating (with option to upgrade to IP67)
  • Sturdy design and thicker motor casing
  • 10 points of 24V I/O
  • DeviceNet or CANopen
  • Brake Option Available
  • Combitronic
  • RS-485
  • Programmable Limits
  • Able to withstand humidity, water, oil and food debris
SL17 SmartMotor

SL17 SmartMotor

The new SL17406D model (the SL17) SmartMotor is described as "low-cost," but it certainly isn't lacking in features or performance. In fact, the robust design of the SL17 model provides many of the same features found on our high-end SM SmartMotor line.

  • Integrated drive and controller, which reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time
  • Torque, Position, Velocity, and Contouring modes
  • Encoder Feedback with trapezoidal six step, and Field Oriented Control (FOC) commutation modes
  • Powerful AniBasic (BASIC-like) language with over 200 commands: IO, program flow, data handling, math, and motion

animatics product catalog

For a detailed breakdown of the Animatics product line download the latest catalog that has all the specs needed to size the right product for your appliation.

class 5 smartmotor

Animatics Class 5 SmartMotor

Moog Animatics offers an array of fieldbus options for your SmartMotor™ servo. Between CANopen, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS. With CANopen or DeviceNet you can use Combitronic, a high speed transparent communication protocol over CANbus that enables you to control up to 120 SmartMotor servos at once.

  • Dual Trajectory Path Generators
  • Velocity Mode and Electronic Gearing Summed Together
  • Dedicated Firmware command set of Traverse and take up winders
  • Available with Combitronic, the Parallel processing system
  • Available with CDS Option, CAN through DB15

SmartMotor now supports both D-style and M-style connectors.

D-Style Connectors

  • All D-style SmartMotors have a primary RS232 comm port
  • All D-style SmartMotors have 7 channels 5V TTL NON-ISOL I/O
  • Optional 10 channels expanded 24VDC ISOL I/O
  • Dedicated Encoder out

M-Style Connectors

  • All M-style SmartMotors have a primary RS485 comm port
  • All M-style SmartMotors have 11 channels general purpose 24V ISOL I/O
  • Dedicated DRV-ENBL In and NOT-FAULT Out
  • Dedicated Encoder bus