Baldor now offers a full line of linear steppers, DC linear motors, linear stages, AC linear motors and torquers.

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Baldor High Cycle Brake Motors

High Cycle Brake Motors

Baldor offers low inertia high efficiency high cycle brake motors with cast aluminum footless frames for increased thermal dissipation.

A DC brake with integral rectifier provides for faster action than traditional spring-set brakes. These motors feature a low inertia design better suited for continuous start/stop applications. A die cast aluminum frame aids in heat dissipation. The brake coil is powered by an integral rectifier and is connected in the motor conduit box so it may be separately connected if the motor is used with an inverter.

Baldor High Cycle Brake Motors are available from 1/2 through 2 horsepower in NEMA 56C through 145TC enclosures. They are ready for immediate delivery from stock from Baldor warehouses across North America.

Applications include baggage conveyors and other applications requiring frequent starting and stopping.

Stainless Steel Premium-Efficiency Washdown Motors

Baldor SSE Stainless Super-E® motors are available in 1/2 through 2 HP today and through 10 HP by mid-year.

Features include:
Baldor Washdown Motors
  • Stainless steel housing, conduit box (welded to the motor), conduit box cover, shaft, base, fan cover and slinger. This makes the motor impervious to rust and deterioration caused by frequent high-pressure caustic sanitizing.
  • Encapsulated windings and conduit box lead entry hole with new E3 Effusion Epoxy Encapsulation™ prevents moisture from reaching the windings.
  • Baldor Super-E winding design with efficiency levels at or above NEMA Premium®. Baldor SSE motors save electricity in high production applications while providing reduced downtime, cooler operation, longer motor life and lowest cost of operation.
  • Conventional washdown duty motors. No need to move the drains to the lowest point when mounting the motor in different positions.
  • New hydrophobic aspiration system eliminates condensation moisture in the motor. This eliminates the need for drains as used in conventional washdown duty motors. No need to move the drains to the lowest point when mounting the motor in different positions.

Baldor SSE Stainless Super-E motors are designed to perform longer than any other industrial electric washdown motor available today. They are unmatched in quality and superior reliability and durability.

Baldor all-stainless brushless servo motors easily handle IP67 and 1500 psi washdown conditions and can be used in harsh, corrosive food/liquid, high hygiene environments and have UL, CSA, CE and BISSC approvals. They are available in standard and low inertia models to provide for ideal inertial matching to machines. They are available in five frame sizes and provide continuous torques to 280 lb-in (32 N-m) with peak torques ranging 3-4 times continuous.

Baldor’s all stainless steel speed reducers are easy to clean and sanitize, minimizing bacterial contamination. Stainless steel also provides the highest protection for pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications where harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions can be extremely corrosive to aluminum, cast iron, and other materials. These all stainless steel reducers are available from stock with solid or hollow bore output shafts in three frame sizes through 5 horsepower.

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