Versatile. Affordable. Common Sense. These are not phrases typically associated with industrial robots, to be sure. But then, these are no ordinary industrial robots.

Rethink Robotics' robots will be showing up in all sorts of unexpected places – from small job shops to global manufacturing giants – where robots were not considered feasible due to expense or inflexibility. And at these companies, the human workforce is getting a promotion: from performing repetitive tasks to training and supervising robots.

The result? Greater productivity. Fewer repetitive motion injuries. And a more productive, well-trained workforce.

ONExia is hosting another Baxter Meet and Greet this spring. Bring a sample part and see Baxter in action!

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Baxter Robot Hardware

Baxter is a groundbreaking solution for manufacturers of all sizes. In addition to its uniquely low price point of $25,000, Baxter offers six fundamental differences that distinguish it from traditional robots.

No Programming

Line workers can train Baxter in minutes, with no expertise in software, robotics or engineering required. In addition, Baxter retains tasks quickly for fast line changeovers

No Safety Cages

Baxter was designed with a comprehensive safety system which makes it feasible for working without barriers and in close proximity to people in a production environment.

No Integration

Baxter is a complete system (hardware, software, controls, user interface, safety, sensors) that can be taken out of the box, plugged into a standard outlet, trained and working in under an hour.

Works Intelligently

Baxter is designed and programmed to perform a wide range of manufacturing and production task; it is aware of its environment, and automatically adjusts to changes.

Versatile and Capable

Baxter was designed to perform simple, repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently, freeing people to focus on higher-level, more value-added activities.

Extensible Platform

Baxter is a complete, yet fully extensivle platform which includes all necessary software, with updates providedregularly to enhance capabilities and performance. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) will enable custom programming of specialized and proprietary tasks.

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Baxter Robot

Baxter Robot Videos

Baxter, a New Kind of Robot


Rodney Brooks sits down to discuss the origins, technology, and future of Baxter as well as the future of Rethink Robotics.

Baxter at Work Timelapse


A time lapse video Rethink Robotics Baxter working in an application at The Rodon Group in Hatfield PA.

Customer Testimonial

baxter video

Onexia's customer, The Rodon Group, a plastic injection molder, has added a Baxter robot to their factory floor in Hatfield, PA.

videoWatch the Interview

videoSee Baxter at Work

videoWatch the Success Story

Rethink Robotics Baxter Software

Current Software Version: 2.0


About the Software

Baxter is an entirely scalable platform, capable of expanding its capabilities with software upgrades that are quick and easy for users to install, provided at no charge to existing customers with software contracts. This means no matter when you buy your Baxter, you’ll always have access to the latest and most powerful functionality available.

New with 2.0 Release

Baxter is now able to pick and place parts at any axis, allowing the robot to perform a broad array of new tasks, such as picking objects off of a shelf, or loading machines in a horizontal motion. The 2.0 software also allows the customer to define waypoints with increased accuracy; users will be able to define the exact trajectory that they want Baxter’s arms to follow simply by moving them.

Read More About Baxter 2.0 Software

Baxter End Effectors and Accessories

ONExia offers a complete selection of Baxter end effectors to help you get the most out of your Baxter Robot. We also have a collection of communication accessories and lighting components to help enhance Baxter's vision capabilities.

Electric Parallel Gripper


Electric parallel grippers provide one degree of freedom with multiple grasp widths, deliver an actuation time of less than one second and allow Baxter to pick up from the outside or inside an object.

Custom Vacuum Gripper Kit


Vacuum cup grippers greatly reduce the risk of marring an object's finish, make it easy to pick flat objects off a stack and often allow you to expedite operations. They allow a maximum payload of up to five pounds.

PLC I/O & I/O Extention


Baxter can connect to Modbus remote I/O or PLC to allow the robot to communicate with machines and perform a new task. ONExia offers ready to use systems that can mount directly to Baxter.

Read More About Baxter End Effectors and Accessories

Buy a Baxter from ONExia

We want your experience with Baxter to be a positive one!

The following are services that we offer:


Send us some example parts. ONExia will test run your application to make sure it is something that is best suited for Baxter.

We will document your application and a video recording will be made for your review.

A quotation will be generated with a complete listing of all accessories needed (end effectors, pedestal, etc.).

Additional Services

On going custom training for your personnel is available.

We are available for out-of-warranty troubleshooting and repairs at your facility.

After Sale Support

ONExia will assist your personnel in the initial setup of Baxter in your facility

We will providde training for your personnel with Baxter.

We will provide warranty troubleshooting and repairs at your facility.

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Facilitate Use of Baxter

ONExia can help make Baxter the perfect fit for your application. We can provide:

  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • Gripper modifications
  • Custom grippers
  • Tooling to facilitate parts placement
  • Other engineering application services
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Use our simple form to request more information or a quote for purchasing a Baxter. We will get back to you within one business day.

Baxter Research Robot

Just as the flagship robot Baxter is revolutionizing the manufacturing world with a safe, affordable and easy to use automation solution, the Baxter Research Robot is revolutionizing how labs of all sizes are able to leverage cutting edge technology to develop their own great innovations.

Baxter Research Robot is a $25,000 (USD) humanoid robot platform with two 7-axis arms, integrated cameras, sonar, torque sensors, and direct programming access via a standard ROS interface. It is entirely safe to operate around humans without safety cages, making it the perfect companion for late nights in the lab… with no extra pizza required.

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Testimonial - Cornell University


videoWatch the Testimonial

Made In USA

A New Opportunity to In-Source

As rising costs and increasing demand continue to push manufacturing overseas, Baxter provides a low-cost, highreturn alternative to offshoring. By using it to keep those processes in-house with Baxter, manufacturers can ramp up production more cost effectively, protect intellectual property, streamline supply chains and enable a more productive, satisfied and well-trained workforce.

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