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Custom Machine Examples

Below are a few examples of our custom machine solutions we have built over the past 25 years. Visit to see more videos of our machines in action.


ONExia supplies Drawbenches to the medical and metal fabrication industries for precision speed control of pulled material through customer supplied dies. The move profile can be programmed for smooth acceleration, velocity and deceleration. These drawbenches can be customized for your particular application.


Drawbench Features

  • Utilizes a dual HPLA Belt Driven System driven by a brushless DC servo motor for pulling product through a die with travel lengths up to 10 meters
  • Capable of 2,000 lbs of pull force
  • Programmable pull and return speeds
  • Two separate foot pedal switches with extended cable
  • Two hand start buttons with anti-tie down circuit for operator safety
  • Speed potentiometer mounted to electrical panel for changing pull speed
  • Mechanical limit and home switches mounted between the dual HPLA’s
  • Rope pull E-Stop mounted along the entire length of the actuators
  • Extruded aluminum base frame

Video Demonstration

Research Testimonial

A drawbench built and customized by ONExia. This video features two safety features from OMRON Sti: The Rope Pull stopping system and the Two Hand control.

Pick & Place Machine for Print Industry

ONExia builds custom pick & place machines for the print industry. The machine featured moves prints from a pre-existing conveyor and stacks them for shipment on a table. A rotary encoder has been mounted to the the existing conveyor so the machine knows the exact speed the print is moving. These machines can be customized to fit any application.

pick and place

Machine Features

  • Extruded aluminum frame with clear panels for safety and structure to sit over top of the existing conveyors or table
  • Photoelectric sensor picks up leading edge of incoming print
  • Belt driven actuator powered by an integrated servo motor moves to leading edge of incoming print
  • Verical (Z) axis moves to level of print
  • Vertical axis houses multiple spring loaded vacuum cups
  • Vacuum turns onand grabs leading edge to carry prints over from pre-existing conveyor to table
  • Belt actuators move the assembly over to table
  • The vertical axis moves above table and moves down until a switch is tripped letting the tool know when to let go

Video Demonstration

Research Testimonial

This Custom Machine from ONExia is designed to pick finished prints of varying size from a moving conveyor. The Piab vacuum cups assure a clean pick without damaging the final product.

Automated Part Inspection

The ONExia document sorter is a customizable system that can sort a variety documents at a speed of one document per second. The documents are presented to a vision system (smart camera) and using a set of predetrimined algorithms are sent down the conveyor to the outfeed bins. The documents are removed from the conveyor using compressed air.


Machine Features

  • Laser Marking Station
  • Vision Inspection Station
  • Packaging Station
  • Fumes from stations are pulled through spray enclosure to an exhaust system
  • Failed parts are automatically removed from machine into outfeed conveyors for their particular failure mode

Video Demonstration

Research Testimonial

A custom machine designed and built by ONExia that uses precision positioning tables to present products to vision, laser marking and processing stations prior to packaging.

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Custom Machine Features

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An Exention of Your Engineering Staff

ONExia gives your company the ability to have custom machines built by taking advantage of our enginnering staff.

Above and Beyond Other System Integrators

ONExia distributes what we use in our machines giving us reducing risk and eliminating a learning curve.

We work with our customers to design specifically to their needs and integrate seemlessly.

Over 25 years of experience designing machines that have never been designed before.

Expect the Best

The success of a project depends on how well we meet your expectations.

ONExia works with your team to define what acceptance criteria for the project will be, so we know what you expect as well as how the final product will be tested.

Going the Extra Step

We take pride in our custom machines from the first concept meeting through training and support.

To ensure quality we have internal design, fabrication and powder coat capabilities.

For reliability, we ferrule all wires in our control cabinets, and label all wires with shrink tube wire numbers.

Documentation is one of the most important aspects of custom machine, so we make sure that at the end of the project you have all the documentation required for your team.

Included in Proposal

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Start-Up Assistance
  • Long Term Support

We believe that there is only one way to do a project: The Right Way!