Datalogic Laser Marking

Datalogic provides a complete range of laser marking sources and systems with state of the art chenology, excellent performance and high quality at a very competitive price to performance ratio. Datalogic laser marking systems can be applied to a wide range of applications on almost any material, satisfying every customer need for permanent marking.

uniq laser marker

ULYXE Family

The Ulyxe product line provides ideal laser marking solutions for both stand-alone applications and industrial production lines. Integrated 6.5W DPSS laser marking system, due to its cost-effective, innovative design, Ulyxe becomes the first choice in marking solutions.

  • Extrerme compactness offering all the most advanced technological concepts
  • Best price/performance ratio in the laser marking world
  • Air cooled with ultra-compatc design
  • Integrated scanning head, digital control and monitoring functions
vlase laser marker

ULYXE Laser Marker

The NEW VLASE is a complete family of Solid State laser marking products available in three different wavelengths: 1064, 532, 355 nm, with power up to 20 W. The New VLase family, based on the unified ONE.RACK control platform, is compact with high performance.

  • Extremely easy to integrate and configure
  • Excellent beam quality
  • High peak power and short pulse width for excellent marking on a broad range of materials
  • 3 or 5 meters detachable optical fiber
vlase laser marker

EOX Laser Marker

Extremely reliable, Datalogic EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on a widest range of material. Its configuration offers extreme flexibility for the integration both in production line as well as in stand-alone systems. EOX offers permanent coding and marking opportunities.

  • Flexible configuration and application
  • Easy to install and integrate
  • Advance embedded controller
  • State of the art marking platform

laser marking guide

Looking for application specific examples of the products shown? Download Datalogic's Laser Marking Product Guide for industry specific applications.

UniQ Laser Marker

UniQ™ is the first ultra-compact “ALL-IN-ONE” laser marking system based on fiber laser technology. Thanks to compact dimensions, the rugged IP54 grade housing, the complete absence of an external controller and fiber optic delivery cable, UniQ™ laser markers are really unique.

  • High reliability Full Fiber Laser Technology
  • Ultra compact, “ALL-IN-ONE” design: No external controller or power supply needed
  • Rugged IP54 rated housing
  • Compatible with market standard M39 and M85 f-theta lenses
  • DLA’s Standard I/O interface
  • No fiber delivery constrains, no fiber length or bending radius limitations
uniq laser marker

AREX Series

With the smallest marking head footprint today offered on the market, AREX drastically simplifies design for system integrators, and makes mechanical installations extremely easy in all the applications: from stand alone marking stations to fully automated working center in production lines.

  • 10W, 20W, 20MW, 30W and 50W Fiber Laser
  • Compact Scanning Head
  • Embedded Control Unit
  • Advanced Lighter 6.0 ease of use software Platform
  • Flexible programming and control
  • Static and dynamic conditions
  • High Power Efficiency
  • Embedded Power Supply
AREX laser marker