Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures collaborative, autonomous mobile robot solutions for the warehousing and intra-logistic markets. Contact us today to get the Fetch collaborative robots into your faciity.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fetch Robots don't require fixed paths or any facility modifications. They have the ability to plan optimal point to point travel while reasonably navigating their way around people and other obstacles.

  • Payloads 75 kg - 1,500 kg
  • Fast deployments with Fetchcore
  • Safe around people and vehicles
  • Flexible configurations
  • Manage and monitor with ease
  • Ready 24/7
  • Integrate with your warehouse management system
fetch robot

Automated Material Transport

Incorporating Fetch solutions into your warehouse workflows allows warehouse associates to focus on higher value tasks.

Workflows can be set up and modified very quickly to accommodate today’s dynamic warehouse environments. No need for facility changes, no need for significant training or certifications. Increase warehouse throughput as soon as Fetch warehouse robots are deployed.


  • Integrated 3D camera and LiDAR for superior vision and obstacle avoidance
  • Custom motors and suspension for precise and reliable odometry
  • Industrial grade durability
  • Fully configurable shelving for various bin, tote, and package sizes
  • Optional eye-level touch screen with simple programmable interface.
fetch robot

Fetch Case Study - DHL

Wärtsilä and DHL deploy cutting-edge mobile robots from Fetch Robotics to streamline warehouse operations.

The mobile robot system simplifies point to point material handling. Workflows at Wärtsilä’s warehouse can be set up and modified very quickly to accommodate today’s dynamic environments, without the need for complex programming. Workers can interact with the robots via touchscreen and send them on their journeys with a push of a button.

“Our colleagues took center stage during the trial. The robots are designed to work alongside employees and to relieve them from physically strenuous tasks. The robots alone took over a walking distance of more than 30 kilometers per day, thereby increasing productivity and safety within the warehouse working environment,” says Denis Niezgoda, Robotics Accelerator Lead, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

Cloud Based Fleet Management Software

advantages of fetchcore

Fetchcore puts you in control of your robot fleet. Easily create and schedule work-flows by adding stations, preferred routes, speed maps, and keep-out zones. The intuitive Fetchcore interface allows you to quickly modify existing tasks and schedules as your work-flows or warehouse environments.

Best-in-class safety

  • Superior occlusion detection through proprietary environment mapping
  • Enhanced motion estimation anticipates potential collisions with moving objects

Quick and Easy Setup

  • Build amazingly large facility maps fast with Fetch enhanced Monte Carlo Localization (FMCL)
  • Click and create work-flows by setting up tasks and schedules
  • Easily make changes to maps and work-flows to keep up with faciliy changes

Complete Fleet Management

  • Monitor and manage robots in real-time
  • Queuing to eliminate fleet contention at common destinations
  • Securely access from any PC or mobile device

Customized Mobile Robot Solution

Freight: Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform

Freight's hardware and software extensibility features offer the features needed to quickly bring custom automated solutions to applications where AMR's are needed.

  • Collaborative fully autonomous mobile robot base
  • Modular top plate with 74-threaded mount points
  • Fetchcore software for precise and reliable movement and position
  • REST API and ParnterAPI for task and function customizability
  • Available charge dock for autonomous charging