Laser Marking

Laser markers provide value added marking solutions for almost every industry. Our engineers can assist in slection the correct laser marker for your application.

Laser Markers

We provide laser marking solutions for automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturing. A complete range of products and solutions based on FIBER LASER , SOLID STATE and CO2 technology, comprising 1064 nm 532 and 355 nm sources. Clear and permanent Logos, 1D and 2D codes, serial numbers & dates on most of industrial materials.

uniq laser marker

Datalogic ULYXE Family

The Ulyxe product line provides ideal laser marking solutions for both stand-alone applications and industrial production lines. Integrated 6.5W DPSS laser marking system, due to its cost-effective, innovative design, Ulyxe becomes the first choice in marking solutions.

vlase laser marker

Datalogic ULYXE Laser Marker

The NEW VLASE is a complete family of Solid State laser marking products available in three different wavelengths: 1064, 532, 355 nm, with power up to 20 W. The New VLase family, based on the unified ONE.RACK control platform, is compact with high performance.

vlase laser marker

Datalogic EOX Laser Marker

Extremely reliable, Datalogic EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on a widest range of material. Its configuration offers extreme flexibility for the integration both in production line as well as in stand-alone systems. EOX offers permanent coding and marking opportunities.

Datalogic UniQ Laser Marker

UniQ™ is the first ultra-compact “ALL-IN-ONE” laser marking system based on fiber laser technology. Thanks to compact dimensions, the rugged IP54 grade housing, the complete absence of an external controller and fiber optic delivery cable, UniQ™ laser markers are really unique.

uniq laser marker

Datalogic AREX Series

With the smallest marking head footprint today offered on the market, AREX drastically simplifies design for system integrators, and makes mechanical installations extremely easy in all the applications: from stand alone marking stations to fully automated working center in production lines.

AREX laser marker

Omron MX-Z Laser Marker

The demands for high quality and permanent identification systems are more stringent than ever before. Manufacturers today require not only to identify their product, but they have the need to trace their products in case of a recall or when proof is required that the products delivered meet their customers’ specifications.

The MX-Z20xxH series of laser markers meets such industry demands and provides high quality, permanent identification with scaling capabilities to add functionality to the process like product traceability or position compensation for example. The MX-Z20xxH offers great flexibility in terms of marking, connectivity and ability to integrate easily to other systems or controls.

OMRON Laser Marker