Machine Safety

Our team of engineers are experts in machine safeguarding. All of the products we distribute are products we use in the machines we build. Contact us today for assitance in protecting your workers with the latst machine safety products.

Safe, Productive and Efficient Machines

By partnering with Omron, our goal is to protect personnel and increase overall machine performance. We offer full lines of safety and automation devices that reduce project costs through innovative connectivity.

ONExia Advantages

  • Complete range of global safety products
  • Education on safety compliance and adoption
  • Assessments and Risk Identification
  • Engineering design
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Machine Safeguarding Products

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Safety Limit Switch

1. Safety Door Switches

D4SL Guard lock Safety Door Switch Prevent workers from being trapped inside hazardous areas of equipment with this switch and slide key, lockable in the open position with a trapped keys that can’t be closed until the area is clear.

Safety Scanner

2. Safety Laser Scanner

OS32C Safety Laser Scanner If access to the safety hazard covers a large area use non-contact sensing to prevent equipment start-up or shut down when an intrusion occurs. Built-in EtherNet/IP allows remote device monitoring of status and information.

Safety Controller

3. Safety Controller

NX Series Modular Safety I/O System Build a safety control system with compact modular I/O that directly integrates and connects to Omron NJ and NX controllers using Safety over EtherCAT, or connects to your standard automation controller using Safety over EtherNet/IP. Use NX-S to build a modular I/O system with up to 256 or 1024 I/O.

Safety Light Curtains

4. Safety Light Curtains

F3SG-RA Advanced series with F3W-MA Muting Actuators When parts need to flow in and out of hazardous areas without stopping equipment this combination provides a plug and play solution.

Safety Mat

5. Safety Mats

UMQ Universal Mats with Quick Disconnect Whether you are trying to shutdown equipment or prevent it from starting up safety mats provide personnel detection in the harshest of environments.

Safety Relay

6. Force-guided Relays

G7SA / G7S-E Safety systems from the simplest to the most complex use these relays to switch different voltages and higher currents, and monitor faults.

Motion Drives

7. Motion & Drives

G5 Servo Systems and MX2 Frequency Inverters These products incorporate safety functionality with safe inputs to directly remove power to the output actuators without the need for additional hardware. Feedback is provided to ensure that the power has been removed.

Machine Controller

8. Complimentary Controls

NJ and NX7 Series Machine Automation Controllers Simplify the integration of your safety systems with the NJ and NX series controllers. The EtherCAT network architecture delivers speed and ease of connectivity to seamlessly integrate the NX-S safety unit.