Machine Vision

We offer hardware platforms that allow our customers to expand their range of machine vision applications. From the simplest vision sensors to the highest performance embedded processors, we can deliver a vision system optimized for your inspection needs.

Smart Cameras


Datalogic P-Series

  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure with rotating connectors
  • VGA (640x480) or 1.3 MP (1280x1024)
  • Grey-scale or color CMOS image sensor
  • Embedded interchangeable lenses and illuminators
  • Built-in digital I/Os, Serial and Ethernet interfaces

Datalogic A-Series

  • Cost effective Smart Camera series
  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure
  • VGA (640x480) grey-scale imager
  • Built-in digital I/Os and Serial interface
  • bit Ethernet Port

Datalogic T-Series

  • High performance Smart Camera series
  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure
  • Up to 5Mpix grey-scale imager
  • Built-in digital I/Os and Serial interface
  • Gbit Ethernet Port

Vision Processors

Datalogic MX-E Series

  • State-of-the-art Intel® Chipsets and high quality hardware components
  • Long-term product availability
  • Ethernet (GigE Vision) connectivity and multi-camera support
  • Three models with different performance levels, resulting in ten different hardware configurations

Datalogic MX-U Series

  • Ultra high-speed using the latest Intel® multi-core chipsets
  • High performance USB 3.0 ports support a wide selection of cameras
  • Multi camera support for maximum ROI
  • IMPACT Software Suite included for countless applications

Industrial Cameras


Datalogic E100 Series

  • VGA to 2MP resolution, in both gray scale and color
  • CMOS image sensors for high speed performance
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) guarantees minimal wiring and easy Installation

Datalogic M-Series

  • GigE compatible for easy communication to MX Series processors
  • VGA to 5MP resolution, in both gray scale and color
  • Power over Ethernet (M1xx and M5xx Series) reduces cabling complexity

Datalogic U-Series

  • USB3.0 compatible for easy communication to MX-U Series processors
  • VGA to 5MP resolution, in both gray scale and color
  • Extreme compact dimensions

Datalogic Cameras

  • 1K to 4K greyscale line-scan cameras
  • IP67-rated cameras
  • 3CCD color cameras
  • UV-sensitive cameras
  • Remote-head cameras
  • 8,9,16 and 20Mpix cameras

Industrial Barcode Readers

matrix 120

Matrix 120

Matrix 120™ is the smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager that fits into any integration space. This is the newest entry level member of the best-in-class Matrix family of high performance industrial 2D imagers.

The Matrix 120 imager leads the market for ease of use and has the highest industrial grade in its class; multiple models of the Matrix 120 imager allow it to cover an extensive range of applications in OEM and Manufacturing industries.

maxtrix 200n

Matrix 210N

Datalogic’s Matrix 210N™ offers extreme reading performance and integrated Serial, USB, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and PROFINET in an ultra-compact housing.

With a WVGA image sensor able to capture up to 60 frames per second, and a flexible and powerful illuminator, the Matrix 210N™ offers best-in-class direct part marked bar code reading capabilities.

matrix 300

Matrix 300N

The Matrix 300N™ is a ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.

The Matrix 300N™ is power by the new software DL.CODE, offering maximum customer ease of use.

The Matrix 300™ combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second.

matrix 410n

Matrix 410N

Matrix 410N™ is an industrial 2D imager for traceability applications in material handling and logistic environments.

matrix 450n

Matrix 450N

Matrix 450N imager embeds the standard Matrix Series configuration software DL.Code (version 1.4.0). The DL.Code software tremendously improves the ease of setup and is intuitive for the user.

xrf410 barcoder reader


The XRF410N™, named for its extended Reading Field, is a solution based on the new Matrix 410N™ platform for material handling and sortation in the logistics industry.

Laser Barcode Reader

DS2100N - 2K Series

The new DS2100N industrial laser bar code reader leverages Datalogic Automation's 40-year tenure in 1D bar code reading, satisfying the demanding application needs of warehousing, shop floor and OEM applications.