Omron helps America's largest and most demanding industries maximize efficiency and optimize production in their manufacturing processes.


Omron Sysmac Studio

One complete machine automation solution integrates logic, motion, vision, safety, robotics, sensing, and enterprise.

The Sysmac family of products continues to grow, while remainingtrue to its roots as one controller, with one connection, programmed using one software.

Automation Systems

Automation Systems

  • Machine Automation Controllers
  • PLCs
  • Remote I/O
  • HMIs
Automation Systems

Motion & Drives

  • Motion Controllers
  • Servo Systems
  • AC Drives

omron product guide

Download the complete OMRON automation product guide for detailed information on all their products.

Automation Systems


  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Mark Sensors
  • Lightcurtains and Area Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Sensors and Amplifiers
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Mechanical Sensors/Limit Switches
  • Vision & Identification Systems
  • Measurement Sensors
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
Automation Systems


  • Emergency Stop Devices
  • Safety Switches & Operator Controls
  • Safety Door Switches
  • Safety Mats & Edges
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Monitoring Relays and Programmable Safety Systems
  • Forcibly Guided Relays

Automation Systems


  • CX-One / CX-One Lite
  • Sysmac Studio
  • CX-Drive
  • NS-Runtime
  • CX-Thermo
  • CX-Supervisor
  • CX-Server LITE
  • CX-Server OPC
  • InduSoft SCADA

Automation Systems

Control Components

  • Power Supplies
Automation Systems

Laser Marking

  • Fiber Laser Marker