FANUC Robots

FANUC is the world's leading supplier of robotic solutions for manufacturing including CNCs and motion control, and collaborative robots.

Robots Systems Integrator

ONExia is a FANUC "Authorized Systems Integrator" based in Pennsylvania.

Specializing in process automation, we provide custom robotic cells using both industrial and collaborative robots.

FANUC Integrator
FANUC Integrator

FANUC palletizer
FANUC integrator model
FANUC stacker robot

FANUC Industrial Robots

FANUC robots provide manufacturers worldwide with the productivity they need to improve performance and profitability.

FANUC Articulated Robot

Articulated Robots

FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, payloads up to 2,300kg and maximum reaches up to 4.7m.

FANUC Delta Robot

Delta Robots

FANUC Delta Robots are the ideal solution where speed and footprint are of most importance. With the ability to be mounted in different locations, we can integrate a Delta Robot into your existing production lines.


SCARA Robots

FANUC’s new SCARA robots are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection and packaging processes.

FANUC Collaborative Robots

The CRX line of collaborative robots offer a flexible alternative to traditional industrial robotic systems.

FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Reach: 1,249 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 20 kg
  • Reach: 1,418 mm
FANUC Integrator Feature


  • Payload: 25 kg
  • Reach: 1,889 mm

FANUC CRX Integration

Our engineers know robots, cobots included! By using a FANUC CRX Collaborative Robot, we can add a turn-key solution to an existing production line with limited disruption to the current floorplan.

End-of-line Packaging Automation

Automate the dirty, dull, and ergonomically unsafe tasks within your end-of-line operations. By using collaborative robots, automation can be directly added to existing lines free labor for more value-added tasks.

  • Turn-key, fully automated collaborative lines
  • Case erector robots
  • Case packer stations
  • Collaborative palletizers
FANUC CRX Case Packer

FANUC Robotic Palletizer

Using the new FANUC CRX cobot, this turn-key palletizer provides a turn-key system for FANUC users looking for a collaborative solution.

  • Integrated FANUC CRX collaborative robot arm
  • Drag and drop pallet building on a dedicated HMI
  • Third party verified collaborative design

The PalletizCRX™ is a product of ONExia, designed and built by our engineers in the USA!