Parker Rotary & Linear Positioners

Parker has positioning system solutions for machine builders of all types, from those who want a complete integrated system to those who want to build their own system from their expansive line of components.

Parker offers best-in-class positioner designs with screw, belt, or linear motor-drive technologies.

Parker’s complete breadth of positioning product solutions include robust, low-maintenance industrial-focused positioners, miniatures, OEM-friendly linear motors, precision and high-payload industrial rotary positioners, and manual and micrometer-driven linear and rotary products.

Positioning System

product guide

Download the Parker Positioning Products Guide for details and specs on all of their positioning components.

404XR -412XR Standard Series

The “400XR” standard series linear positioners offer reliable performance and unmatched versatility. Convenient mounting features enable XY table combinations to be quickly and easily constructed. The XR family offers an unrivaled array of features and options which are easily matched to fit any application, from the very basic to the highly complex. Premier performance, modular compatibility, and quick delivery have made these tables the perfect building blocks for cost-effective multi-axis systems.

  • 24/7 operation at 100% duty
  • Dowel holes for repeatable mounting
  • IP30 rated protective strip seals
  • Travels up to 2 meters
  • Optional single point lube for easy maintence

HMR Linear Actuator

Parker Hannifin’s High Moment Rodless (HMR) Series electric linear actuator is one of the most user friendly and versatile actuator lines on the market today.

  • 5 profile sizes- 085, 110, 150, 180 and 240mm
  • Dual drive train- Precision Ground Ball Screw or High Efficiency Timing Belt
  • Load capacity up to 26,600 N
  • Max thrust to 5,560N (Screw) and 4,000N (Belt)
  • Standard strokes up to 4000mm (Screw) and 6000mm (Belt)
  • Max speed to 1.6 m/s (Screw) and 5 m/s (belt)
  • Tandem and bi-parting carriage options
  • Optional sensor locations- Internal or External
  • IP54 rated cover option
xe series

XE Series Positioners

The XE series combines a rugged steel body construction with an integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide producing a highly accurate, cost effective line of tables ideal for applications in the hard disk, semiconductor, medical, machine building and many other industries.

  • Integrated bearing and carriage assembly
  • Rigid U-channel, steel body
  • High force per dollar value
  • Easily adapted into multi-axis configuration
  • Small package size as compared to actuators with separate bearing arrangements
xe series

Mini Square Rail Positioner

The mSR series of miniature, dual square rail guided, linear motor positioners have been engineered to deliver a combination of modularity, flexibility, and performance in an extremely compact package.

  • Two form factors (mSR 80 - 80 mm wide x 25 mm tall, and mSR 100 - 100 mm wide x 25 mm tall)
  • Standard strokes ranging from 25 mm to 500 mm
  • Two center driven linear motor technologies (mSR 80 - ironcore, mSR 100 - ironless)
  • Six different encoder options (magnetic incremental, optical incremental, sine/cosine, and BiSS-C Absolute)
  • Dowel holes for repeatable pinning

Miniature Precision Rotary Stage

The mPR series is a miniature precision rotary stage that has been engineered to deliver a combination of modularity, flexibility, and performance in an extremely compact package.

  • Two form factors (mPR 80 - 80 mm wide x 75 mm tall, and mPR 100 - 104 mm wide x 90 mm tall)
  • Continuous 360 degree operation
  • An integrated direct drive servo motor
  • Four different encoder options (3- optical incremental, 1 - analog sine/cosine)
  • Dowel holes for repeatable pinning
  • Through hole aperture
xe series
xe series

OSP-E Actuators

The OSP-E Series offers a medium-capacity, flexible, value-priced screw-driven or belt-driven actuator. The OSP-E simplifies the crossover to electric actuation from pneumatics, with dimensional equivalents to the Parker Origa OSP-P pneumatic line of products.

  • Simple pneumatic to electromechanical conversion
  • Stepper or servo motor compatibility
  • Ball or trapezoidal lead screw-drive options
  • High-thrust-force designs
xe series

HPLA Actuators

HPLA belt drive positioners are designed to rapidly shuttle payloads to multiple locations. Various bearing options offer design flexibility for long, quiet motion at high speed.

  • Standard travel up to 8 meters (longer available)
  • Four cross sectional sizes - 60,80,100, or 150mm
  • Load capacities up to 600 Kg
  • +/- 0.2 mm positional repeatability
  • IP30 strip seal
xe series

LCR Actuators

The ideal solution for OEM instrument manufacturers, the LCR Series offers a reduced overall cost of ownership and a complete solution including amplifier/drive, motor, actuator, bearings, seals, and limit sensors.

  • Belt drive or lead screw drive versions
  • 22 and 30 frame sizes
  • Stepper or servo motor options
  • Integrated drive option

MX Series Miniature Screw-Driven Positioners

The MX80-S, and MX45-S are screw driven miniature postioners, which use integrated cross roller bearings as their guidance. Like its linear motordriven counterpart, the MX is designed for applications requiring reliable linear positioning in space-restricted applications.

  • Low-profile miniature size
  • Cleanroom environment option
  • Up to 150 mm travels
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Ballscrew or leadscrew drive options
  • Up to 123 N axial thrust
  • 2g acceleration
  • Cross roller bearing (zero cage creep option)
  • Stepper or servo motor drive options
  • Digital limit/home system
xe series

MX80L Linear Stage

  • Miniature Size - Low Profile (25 mm high X 80 mm wide)
  • Linear Servo-motor drive
  • 5G acceleration
  • High velocity (2 m/sec.)
  • Quick Settling
  • Submicron precision
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Selectable travels:25,50,100,150 mm.

MX80S Linear Stage

  • Miniature Size - Low Profile (35 mm high X 80 mm wide)
  • Normal or cleanroom environments
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Selectable travels:25,50,100,150 mm.
  • 1.5µm Bi-directional Repeatability
  • Cross Roller Bearing (zero cage creep option)
  • Resolutions:1.0; 2.0; or 10.0 mm leads
  • 123N Axial Thrust

MX80M Linear Stage

  • Precision cross roller bearings
  • Optional clean room prep.
  • Optional Low ESD coating
  • Dowel holes in top & base
  • Interchangable mounting with motorized MX80 models
  • Positive position lock

MX45S Linear Stage

  • Miniature size – 45 mm wide x 25 mm high
  • Selectable travels: 5 mm, 15 mm, and 25 mm
  • Anti-cage creep cross roller bearings
  • Stepper motor driven with optional rotary encoder
  • Optional limits and home sensors