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ONExia is a customer-driven provider of intelligent machine control technologies and the engineering resources to support their successful selection and implementation. ONExia has the facilities, equipment and know-how to solve the simple and complex applications for you.

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About Us

Our History

ONExia, Inc. dates back to the founding of Multitech, Inc. by Greg Selke in West Chester in 1984. We have served customers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia as Multitech, Inc., Control Sales, Inc. and as Automation Solutions International. Our new name and incorporation as ONExia, Inc. occurred in August, 2001.

What We Do

Our partnership with our vendors combined with our world class engineers makes ONExia the Complete Solution to any application. Throughout our years of work ONExia has pushed the envelope making the impossible happen. In many cases you will find that we have already worked on an application similar to yours.

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Company Highlights

  • Member of the Association for High-Technology Distributors, Motion Control Association and Control Systems Integrators Association.
  • Project engineers are fully and continually trained on the latest technology products.
  • Continual training results in reduced risk level for both ONExia and our customers when it comes to custom machine building.
  • ONExia provides detailed proposals going into each project that outline how selected products will meet the needs of each application.
  • We have designed, built and commissioned over 250 custom automation machines.
  • Our projects range from very small to over one million dollars in size with varying levels of complexity.
  • As a responsible machine builder, we carry a custom Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy that further protects our customers form unforeseen problems regarding project success.
End User

End User Motion Control Distributor

Every vendor that ONExia is partnered with is not only a product that we sell; it is a product that we use. Our engineers use these world class products in our own custom machine designs. This not only shows we stand by what we sell, we are experts of what we sell. In many cases we have applied products in more applications than the companies that manufacture them!

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Machine Builder

Our staff has the expertise in motion control and machine automation to handle your project. You can consider us to be an “extension” of your own engineering staff, and take advantage of our knowledge and experiences. Their is a very good chance we have already done a project similar to your application.

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

ONExia’s premier vendors provide products for the most demanding and most cost-sensitive applications. We work closely with our customers to specify the right components at the right price for any application. We provide all aspects of automation components for volume applications.

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