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Automate the dull and ergonomically unsafe tasks associated with end-of-line packaging operations. Our robotic packaging solutions are turn-key and designed to fit into both new and existing operations.

Turn-key Line Automation

  • Flexible – easily retooled and repurposed as production demands change
  • Minimal footprint – no caging or guarding needed to operate
  • Safe design – meet high level industry standards that assure worker safety in collaborative applications
  • Easy to operate – simplified graphic software designed for non-technical users 


By using cobots, ONExia’s turn-key packaging systems are easily added to existing lines – automating the dull, repetitive tasks that are susceptible to labor challenges.

Multi-station Packing Systems

Robotic Case Erectors and case packers can be combined into a turn-key packaging cell.

  • Operated through a single touchscreen interface
  • Designed to align with existing conveyors
  • Minimal footprint automation


Our palletizers are not kits.

Products of ONExia, each system is designed with the features needed to automate palletizing safely and successfully using a cobot.

  • Minimal footprint – no caging or guarding needed to operate
  • Quick deployment – requires a 110v outlet and an air line
  • Portable – built-in fork pockets within the welded base

PalletizHD Robotic Palletizer

The “HD” is the most robust cobot palletizer on the market, automating the most challenging line tasks.

  • High payload – handle case weights up to 38 lbs, or pick multiple lighter cases at once for increased output
  • Vertical reach – stack pallets up to 105 inches in height
  • Production speed – runs a consistent rate of 7 picks per minute