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Offering a complete line of collaborative robot arms, Doosan Robotics cobots are easy, safe, and flexible solutions for automating manual processes. 

Collaborative Robot Integrator

ONExia is a Doosan collaborative robot integrator based in Pennsylvania.

With over 10 years of cobot integration experience, our team of engineers have the skillset needed to automate your manual processes.

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Doosan Robotics palletizer prepared to lift box
Cobot palletizer for factory automation
Three Doosan Robotics cobots in automating manufacturing task
Palletizing robot lifting flat cardboard box

Doosan Robots Specifications

Featuring three different product lines, Doosan offers a variety of cobots with different payloads and reach.

Doosan Robotics H-SERIES​ cobot arm


H-SERIES is the most powerful cobot on the market. The outstanding 25 kg payload and 6-axis torque sensor are capable of automating the most ergonomically challenging manufacturing tasks.

  • H2017 – 20kg payload | 1700 mm reach
  • H2515 – 25kg payload | 1500 mm reach
DOOSAN M-SERIES​ palletizer robot arm


M-SERIES offers 6 high-tech torque sensors providing the highest dexterity for sophisticated tasks and ensure the upmost safety with the highest collision sensitivity.

  • M1509 – 15kg payload | 900 mm reach
  • M1013 – 10kg payload | 1300 mm reach
  • M0617 – 6kg payload | 1700 mm reach
  • M0609 – 6kg payload | 900 mm reach
Dar grey DOOSAN A-SERIES​ collaborative robot arm


A-Series is a cost effective line designed for end-users looking to explore and experiment with collaborative technology within their daily operations.

  • A0912 – 9kg payload | 1200 mm reach
  • A0912s – 9kg payload | 1200 mm reach
  • A0509 – 5kg payload | 900 mm reach
  • A0509s – 5kg payload | 900 mm reach


E-SERIES is the premier cobot in the Food & Beverage industry accredited in hygiene and sanitation. Designed for easy installation in small spaces, it is optimized for food service and preparation.

  • E0509 – 5kg payload | 900 mm reach

Sanitation Features

E-SERIES holds NSF Food Zone certification and IP66 rating. The easy to clean, sealed-seam design ensures maximum hygiene and compliance with FDA food safety standards.

DOOSAN E-SERIES​ automated packaging systems cell


P-SERIES is Doosan’s latest cobot featuring a 30 kg payload and remarkable reach of 2030 mm. Its substantial reach and powerful capacity offer more flexibility than ever before to manufacturing automation.

  • P3020 – Coming Soon
End-of-Line automated packaging systems

End-of-Line Packaging Automation

Using the Doosan line of collaborative robots, ONExia designs and integrates turn-key packaging automation systems.

  • Turn-key packaging lines
  • Robotic case erectors
  • Robotic case packers
  • Robotic palletizers

Collaborative Robot Palletizer

The “HD” is the most robust cobot palletizer on the market, automating the most challenging line tasks.

  • High payload – handle case weights up to 40 lbs, or pick multiple lighter cases at once for increased output
  • Vertical reach – stack pallets over 100 inches in height
  • Production speed – runs a consistent rate of 7 picks per minute

Machine Tending – Sheet Metal Press

Custom designed to integrate with an existing sheet metal press, this turn-key system uses 2 Doosan M-Series robots to fully automate a machine tending application.


  • Custom carts for handling that mount to the machine frame for moving materials to and from the workcell
  • Mechanical positioner for reaching in and out of the sheet metal press
    Interchangeable grippers for part changeover
  • Custom software for controlling the entire workcell through a single HMI