Pick-it 3D

Pick-it is the only plug and play 3D vision on the market that provides a user friendly and flexible system which solves many different vision applications within the robotics market.

Easy-to-use vision system for robotics

Pick-it guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications.

  • Fast, easy setup
  • Detect overlapping parts in 3D
  • Detect parts in all colors
  • Detect parts of most materials
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Pick-it 3D is the ideal solution for automating big or small batches with fast changeovers.

Pick-it camera

A fast payback

Pick-it does not require extensive training and can be operated by non-vision experts.

  • A fixed price without surprises
  • Configuration and set-up can be done by the operator
  • No need for expensive vision consulting and programming
  • Integration with the robot is solved for you!

A first pick on the first day

The advantages of this easy-to-use product are flexibility and a fast and easy set-up.

  • Plug in your robot and the Pick-it 3D camera
  • Show Pick-it where your robot is (Robot-camera calibration)
  • Show Pick-it where to look (Region of interest).
  • Show or tell Pick-it what to look for.
  • Add Pick-it commands to your robot program.
  • Run program and Pick-it will handle the rest

Pick-it Products

Pick-it is a plug and play product that is ready-to-use out of the box. The 3D camera and Pick-it software detect the 3D position, orientation and dimensions.

Easy software

  • No need for any programming
  • Configuration is done through an easy to use web interface
  • Runs on an included dedicated processor

3D camera

  • Finds overlapping products of varying sizes
  • Works with reflective surfaces
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Industrial processor

  • Pick-it includes a powerful industrial processor
  • The Pick-it 3D vision system is pre-installed
  • Connect through Ethernet to your robot
Pick-it products
Pick-it m-hd

Pick-it M-HD

Best fit for picking of small and medium sized objects with high accuracy.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • Highly accurate
  • Best in class
Pick-it m

Pick-it M

Best fit for picking of medium sized objects from bins, boxes and tables.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market
Pick-it l

Pick-it HD

Best fit for picking of large sized objects from pallets and bins.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

Case Study: How a tier one automotive supplier manages two production lines with one operator

KYB Americas

“Pick-it was able to achieve our goal a lot easier but with a lot less components.”

That’s what Jerry Reamer, the director of the Product Engineering department at KYB Americas, replied when we asked him about the biggest challenges they face as a manufacturing company. KYB started off with a manual and timely process with a big margin of human error and ended up with four Universal Robots and four Pick-it 3D vision systems.

According to Jerry from KYB’s Engineering Department, Pick-it has several advantages. They chose it because of its elegance and small footprint, its ease of installation and use, its flexibility and support. Moreover, they mentioned the advantage of not needing an integrator to set it up.

KYB started their automation with one Pick-it M system and one UR3 robot, as they like to improve processes step-by-step and measure successes before taking it further. After an evaluation, they decided to copy the first set-up to a second station.

Later on, they even moved it to an additional line, ending up with four Pick-it systems and four Universal Robots working together.

Ready to automate picking applications with Pick-it? Request a quote. We will have one to you in one business day.

The Pick-it software

Pick-it is easy to use, no programming is needed.

Connect your pc or laptop to the Pick-it processor and start configuring your application.

The configuration of a Pick-it application is done through a web interface in your Google Chrome web browser.

The Pick-it software includes:

  • An easy to configure interface
  • Integration software for all our partner robot brands
  • A lot of useful tools to speed up the setup of your applications
Pick-it products

Easy pallet unloading with Pick-it L

With the combination of our proven easy-to-use software and our new L camera you can set up a smart automated depalletising application in just 1 day.

Pick-it L features

  • Unload circular shaped products right from a pallet
  • Unload boxes in a pattern from a pallet
  • Depalletise complex shaped products
Pick-it feature

Pickit R&D - start exploring the capabilities of 3D vision

The Pickit R&D system provides an affordable 3D vision system for your engineering team.

The Kit Contains

  • The Pickit M 3D camera
  • An extensive ROS interface for advanced functionalities and component interfacing
  • A non-industrial downsized processor
  • perfect fit for research

The Pickit R&D system is ideal for 3D perception, motion control, trajectory generation, and grasp planning.

Pick-it feature