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Turn-key automation for the plastics industry! Our takeout robots provide a robotic automation solution that can be easily integrated with blow mold machines that can be easily reprogrammed as production changes.

Blow Mold Machine Tending

Using a collaborative robot, these systems offer flexibility not seen in typical machine tending automation solutions.

  • Turn-key system using a collaborative robot
  • Integrates directly with blow mold machines
  • Requires a standard 120 volt outlet & airline
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to operate – simple changeover
  • Can be adapted to any blow mold machine 
Robotic palletizer for end-line facility automation.


The Takeout Robots come with all the safety features needed to integrate directly to a blow mold machine.
  • Steel welded frame
  • Interlocking aluminum guarding doors
  • E-stops at both ends of the machine
  • Integrated collaborative robot
Manufacturing floor


Ready to move as production changes. The Takeout Robots can be moved from one blow mold machine to the other (must be the same model machine).
  • Pin locates to blow mold machine
  • Locking casters
  • Leveling feet for easy moving
Manufacturing convey line


  • Built-in conveyor & reject area
  • Adjustable guide rails & backup sensor
  • Programmable access levels
Robotic palletizer gripper holding glass jar


  • LED indicators verify bottle contact
  • Simple changeover of suction cups
  • Preprogrammed robot positions
Cobot operation panel


  • Easily reprogram as product changes
  • Save recipes for quick changeover
  • Track throughput in real-time
  • Different levels of operator access