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The ONExia Blade Cart is a docking system that makes rotating and transporting blades safe and easy. Common logistical issues and operator fatigue are simultaneously eliminated. By utilizing the blade’s center of gravity, the cart’s balanced, silicone-free design provides effortless rotation without the need for tools, air, or power. 

Available with 180° and 360° head rotation with a fixed or adjustable height the ONExia Rotor Blade Cart is the next essential tool in aerospace manufacturing.

  • Two Rotating Nests can be Placed at Any Spacing
  • Locking Casters
  • All Blade Contact Parts are Removable for Easy Change-Out
  • Brakes on Each Rotating Assembly Allow the Blade to be Positioned at Many Angles, Allowing for Twist in the Blade
  • Removable Top and Bottom Assemblies
  • Pull Pins Only – No Tools!
  • Removed Halves Stow on the Frame Below the Blade
  • Full Access to Entire Side of the Blade for Repair Work
  • Balanced Design Uses the Blade’s Center of Gravity – No Motor Driven Assembly
Group of four blade carts used for factory automation cobots.
Fixed height blade cart with adjustable height for factory automation cobot.

Fixed Height Carts

The Fixed Height Blade Cart shares the same featurs as the adjustable height and is a cost effective option.

  • 180° Rotation
  • Blade Specific Tooling

Stainless Steel Carts

The stainless steel blade carts include many of the features of the standard blade cart with wash down ready bearings that can handle paint and other finishing materials.

  • Washdown ready design
  • Self cleaning bearings
  • Simplified tooling
  • Stainless Steal Hardware

Leveling Fixtures

Using the same concepts of our blade cart design the Leveling Fixtures are designed to assist in the movement of bulk composite parts for finishing and repair operations.

  • Built to Size
  • Single or Multiple Carts
  • Hand or Drill Operated