Since the first deployment in 2016, ONExia’s robotic palletizing software has continued to evolve with features added through knowledge gained from every deployment and customer feedback. With higher capacity collaborative robots like the Universal Robots UR30 and the FANUC CRX25 now available, previously unachievable palletizing applications can be automated with the advanced features available in ONExia’s software.

Increased Palletizer Case Rate

Utilizing the increased collaborative robot payload, ONExia’s palletizing software has new functionality for optimizing multi-pick applications. While the math seems simple, pick as many cases as possible within the robot’s capacity, there are many challenges when it comes to building a specific pallet stack.

Output enhancement features:

    • Zoned end-effectors – grip a specific count of cases to increase the overall system output

    • Multi-pick functionality – pick and place various numbers of cases for unique pallet configurations

    • Safety walls – maintain full production speed while replacing a full pallet*

*available with specific cobot brands, contact us to learn more.

Palletizer Conveyor Logic

To pick multiple cases for an increased rate, the cobot needs a repeatable pick location to keep the pallet stack consistent. ONExia’s palletizing software makes this simple by giving complete control of the custom-designed nesting location without writing a line of code.

Advanced control features:

    • Pushers and rollers automatically adjust with the selection of a pallet configuration.

    • Multiple presence sensors for tracking cases for multi-pick applications.

    • Pass through case counting to one line with multiple robot arms.

    • E-stop control for the entire cobot palletizing cell.

Realtime Pallet Selection

As requested by multiple customers, operators can now select pallet heights in real time without loading stopping the cell and selecting a new pallet configuration. Eliminate down time to meet customer specific requirements for product delivery!

Ready to get started with automating palletizing? Contact ONExia today and request a demonstration of the latest version of their palletizing software.