Confidently keep up with production changeover on packaging lines with minimal footprint robotic automation.

While it seems simple, tending two lines with one collaborative robot to automate palletizing is quite challenging – especially if they have different case sizes with varying rates!

Meet the Robotic Palletizer Solution

Designed and built by ONExia, a palletizing robot manufacturer specializing in cobot technology, the PalletizHD comes with everything needed to successfully automate the stacking of product for shipment.

Palletizing Robot Software Made Easy

Dual conveyor in manufacturing facility

Call it dual mode. When toggled on, the operator can select different pallet configurations for stacking separate SKUs on each side of the palletizing robot. Added and edited in minutes, the configurations are saved in a drop-down menu with line changeover taking minutes.

Conveyor control. Connected via Ethernet, the nesting conveyors require no programming to operate and are easily adjusted for the selected pallet configuration. Using presence sensors, the robot selects which lane to pick based on upstream production speed. The conveyors also have stopping zones to keep the pick location clear when alternating between lines.

Robot Grippers Designed for Palletizing

No two grippers are the same. Designed specific for every application, ONExia’s team of Engineers review all the cases sizes and determine the most effective way to pick the size variations. In the event multiple tools are needed, they are easily swapped and recalled from a menu in the software. With available multi-pick functionality, higher rates can be achieved with lighter weight cases.

Minimal maintenance. Enclosed in a 3D printed silencer cover, the vacuum generators are easily accessible, and the vacuum cups are threaded for cleaning in dusty environments between shifts.

Turn-key Robotic Palletizers from a Single Source

HD Palletizing Robot with custom gripper in a manufacturing facility.

ONExia’s palletizing robots are shipped as a production-ready, fully collaborative work cells with all the features needed to automate the more complex applications without any caging or guarding required.

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