Earlier this month, ONExia supported Universal Robots booth at NPE (The National Plastics Show) in Orlando Florida featuring the new UR30, a 30 kg payload collaborative robot integrated into the PalletizUR platform.

Universal Robots UR30 Collaborative Robot

With the release of the new UR30, cobots have new potential for automating the most ergonomically challenging position in end-of-line operations. Not only does it increase the capacity on traditional box and case applications, but it also opens up potential for more complex grippers to handle buckets, trays, and totes.

For traditional industrial robots, this is nothing new but for collaborative robots this further expands on the capabilities opening up potential applications where ergonomic safety is a premium.

The ONExia PalletizUR cobot palletizer at NPE 2024

Turn-key Automation from a Trusted OEM

Being a trusted OEM partner of Universal Robots, ONExia was the first to show the new UR30 at Pack Expo East in March of 2024. With over 10 years of collaborative robot integration experience, the PalletizUR comes with the expertise needed to deploy cobots into the most challenging applications.

Featuring custom grippers and infeed conveyors, the PalletizUR is the easiest robot installation end-users will ever have. Another key benefit ONExia offers is the third-party safety certification that was given to the design of the palletizer. A truly turn-key robotic palletizer!

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