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The PalletizUR is not a kit, it is a turn-key solution.

Collaborative Robot Palletizing Made Easy.

The PalletizUR is designed with the features needed to automate palletizing safely and successfully using a cobot.

  • Minimal footprint – no caging or guarding needed to operate
  • Quick deployment – requires a 110v outlet and an air line
  • Portable – built-in fork pockets within the welded base
  • Multi-pallet reach – stack pallets on either side of the cobot
  • Flexible design – easily adjusted for new pallet configurations

Turn-key Universal Robots Palletizer

Using the full line of UR Cobots, the PalletizUR is deployed in minutes automating the most demanding palletizing positions on your production line.
  • High payload – handle cases and tote weights up to 58 lbs, or pick multiple lighter cases at once for increased output
  • Vertical reach – stack pallets over 96 inches in height
  • Production speed – pick rates up to 7 a minute (weight dependent)

Drag-and-drop Pallet Building

Robotic automation without writing a line of code.

Build and save custom pallet configurations without writing a line of code using ONExia’s drag-and-drop cobot palletizing software.

  • Simple interface – designed for non-technical end users.
  • Pallet library – build, edit, and save hundreds of configurations.
  • Admin controls – limit access based on user credentials.
  • Dual mode – tend two separate lines with one PalletizUR.


  • Customize every layer
  • Orient shipping labels
  • Slipsheet functionality


  • Operated through a single touchscreen.
  • Adjustable safety scanner zones.
  • Built-in conveyor controls.


  • Signal AGVs to remove pallets.
  • Monitor system output in real time.
  • Interact with inventory software.

PalletizUR Specifications

Based on a standard shipped system which includes the palletizer base and a Universal Robots Collaborative Robot.

Machine Details

  • Lifter travel: up to 27.375” (robot specific)
  • Mobility: Fork pockets for pallet jack or forklift
  • HMI specs: 12.1” Touch Screen
  • Pallet sensors: Photoeyes for pallet presence
  • Power: Single phase, 115 VAC, 15 amps
  • Air consumption: 80 psi / 2.5 cfm

Pallet Dimensions

  • Maximum pallet height: 96″+ (application specific)
  • Maximum pallet width: 48”
  • Maximum pallet depth: 42”


  • Minimum box size: weight dependent
  • Maximum weight: 58 lbs (+/- tooling weight)
  • Maximum box size: weight dependent

Cycle Time

  • 7 picks per minute*
*Multipick end-effectors available for increased output rate

Standard Safety

The PalletizUR runs at collaborative speed out of the crate with no additional safety required.

Additional Safety Options

Area Scanners*
Slows robot if someone is in work area

Hard Guarding*
Complete guarding for work-cell

*All available for additional cost

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